1A Expo Print

1A about to set off on their first expoOn 19 October 1A departed on our very first expo here at SRC. Some people were excited for this challenge whilst others were nervous and apprehensive about it, but by the end everybody had enjoyed the experience. The expo was a lot more difficult than what we had expected. It was far more difficult than the simple walk in the bush we had done during expo skills.

On our first day of expo we were all happy and cheery as we started to walk the bush track down to the beach. The beach was the most difficult part of our expo in my opinion because for those who have not experienced it, sand can be rather tricky to walk in. With each step we took our feet would sink into the sand , ultimately slowing us down and having to carry heavy packs didn’t help much either. We were all relieved when it was lunch time because it meant that we could take a long break and go for a swim.  I don’t think I have ever ran so fast from something when I realized that there were leeches in the very water we were swimming in after Ellie picked some sea weed for Mr. Pfanner to eat.

After our three hour long lunch break we departed once more with the campsite in our sights, but once again we had to continue along the beach with all that weight still in our packs and eventually making it to our destination. We then pitched our tents before setting off to have another swim, this time  in water without leeches living in it. After that very relaxing swim we then cooked our meals on the trangias. After eating we had our group review before going to bed. It didn’t take long to get to sleep because we were so tired from all the walking.

The next morning at 6:30am we all woke up reluctantly uneager to set off again. We then cooked our breakfast of cereal and porridge (and even chorridge for some) before packing up the campsite and departing back to SRC. The walk was difficult, but not as tough as on the first day and we were all glad when we finally reached our destination. We were all glad to finally remove our packs and to be able to have a shower but we still had to complete one final and most difficult part, packing up. Once that difficult task was complete we could finally enjoy a nice warm shower and to fill in the other students about our experience on expo 1.