Term 3 2015



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Term 3 - Raft Building

This week 1B and 2B experience their last major outdoor team activity which was raft building. In the morning we went off for to our activity and as soon as we arrived we got straight into building our raft. This required the whole team to cooperate to design and construct our raft, this hadn’t been a problem as we have learnt to work with each other over the nine weeks. It was a fun and enjoyable day and it was a great way to compare how far the team has come since our very first group activity bridge building.

Harris- Taylors Lakes SC and Lachlan- Irymple SC




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Term 3 - Great Race

We had the great race it was so much fun , and believe it or not my own team 1A won the competition although we came to realise that despite the contest we were all having fun and it was just nice being in each other’s company . It involved us completing several challenges by using the strengths of the individuals in our team. We did activities like jigsaw puzzles, finding hidden objects, made tripods and of course everyone’s favorite the “mud slide”. Even Mr. Gladstone himself got involved and had a blast on the home made slide. It then followed Miss Patterson spraying us with the fire hose . So all together it was a fantastic day ……

Aretha-Williamstown and Brayden- Hoppers Crossing SC



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On the last Sunday we had here, we choose the quote “when you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot in it and hang on”- Thomas Jefferson. We choose this quote because it resembles our experience coming to an end here at Snowy. We have had our ups and down and now that it is coming to an end we can now reflect on how far we have come and how much it has changed us.  This week we have had a lot of “lasts”. Every time we do something for the last time, we really appreciate every opportunity and we now realise how lucky we are to have this once in a life time chance to shine brighter than the sun. Even though we are all going home this coming Saturday, Snowy River Campus will always be our second home and will always have a spot in our hearts.

By Ellie (Irymple SC) and Courtney (Irymple SC)




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Term 3 - Last Rest Day

We were student leaders for the LAST REST DAY! (Saturday) We tried to make the day as fun as possible. We did this by making each headcount fun and interesting, everyone going to the beach in the afternoon and finally giving people that stood out the most with their positive attitude a luxurious reward. This special reward was sitting on a fancy table at the back of the room with different colorful cups with juice and prepared meals served to them by us, their waitresses.

Emily- Red Cliffs & Brittany- Ararat




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Term 3 - Caving Adventure

We went on a caving adventure! The day started with an 8:00 start (is this school really trying to kill us?). We went down towards the caves and split into two groups. One went into the wild cave where we would climb through small holes and slide down along walls in pitch black darkness (again are they trying to kill us?). Whilst the other group was taken on a tour through a lovely and DRY cave that had spectacular, breath-taking stalagmites and stalactites. We first went into the wild cave where we were filled to the brim with wombat poo and mud (seriously?). Although that happened we had an amazing time that we will never forget. It was so much fun and was a great way to engage our yellow quadrant. We squeezed through spots we never thought were humanly possible and slid down places whilst thinking we were going to die (oh my gosh please help us). The show cave on the other hand was clean and not muddy (Thank God). It had beautiful and shiny stalagmites and stalactites that were thousands of years old. Overall the whole day was unforgettable and we would give anything to do it again.

By: Liam (Red Cliffs) and Artiles (Copperfield)

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