Last Day Print

Last night the cooking committee held a formal dinner. We all got dolled up and enjoyed a delicious three course meal. After the meal we danced the night away! A fun night was enjoyed by all. It is our last full day here at Snowy and we are all a bit sad about leaving. Tonight we have a closing ceremony down at the fire pit (grandma.) One by one, we will read out a closing statement about our time here and where we wish to be in ten years from now. We are expecting the closing ceremony to be quite emotional but understand it is a nice way to finish off our time here. We have all really enjoyed our time here and will take away so many new things. The friendships we have formed are really strong and they will last us a life time.

 "Don't cry because it’s over, smile because it happened."

By Milly and Issy, Snowy River Campus Students, Term 3 2014