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Neish and Lizzy

I’m going to walk you through the journey which myself (Lizzy) and Neish went on as Student leaders. It all started off as a bright sunny morning, as we walked out of the girls wing singing along to our favourite songs we soon discovered that we were student leaders. After breakfast the usual jobs took place in the meeting room. We wrote everything down in the ‘Student Leader Book’ and made our conference call to Alpine and Gnurad Gundidj. Which like always was an absolute blast and super good fun!

The day continued on in a suave manner as Neish and I are in the same expo group and we were the only group on campus for the whole day. We managed to get a clean-up of the big shed, expo shed, common/indoors and the boys/girls wings. Unfortunately, we didn’t end up running the laughing yoga and bullying session which we would have liked to have done. However we have made the decision to do it later on within the week/early next week which should hopefully be a success.

Altogether we had supercalifragilisticexpialidocious day!

Neish and Lizzy




My Journey is Like A Growing Tree Print E-mail


Hey there so I was student leader yesterday and wow I have to admit it was a roller-coaster of a day. I started off with the leadership conference thingo when we talked to the other student leaders from the two other campuses (it was pretty cool seeing my face on T.V) I had first aid scenarios to start of the day it was the funniest hands on way to learn about first aid and what to do when your under pressure and even tho I knew it wasn’t real. Ohhh I actually got nervous which gave me a real sense of what it would actually be like if I came across a situation like that. After lunch we had P.O.L and I wrote a metaphor about my journey hear at SRC.

My SRC journey is like a growing tree, it goes though rough and thin. You start out as a little seed in soil, a community of ingredients that help you grow, it’s all around you but it just takes time for the seed to open up and let it all in. But as it opens slowly and lets all the ingredients of friendship, love, respect, control, management, confidence, beliefs and all different ingredients in, it grows faster and faster. As it gets bigger the little seed becomes more aware and tough. My journey here at the SRC is this tree, the tree gets hit down many times and knocked around and scared, but it never stops growing because gets just as much sun light and happiness. As the tree gets more experienced it gets ready to teach others about all it knows and how it works with the community. Some trees don’t get such an easy start at life, so it’s up to us trees to help share what we know, we must help nurture them as our teachers here at SRC did for us because it shows and I can feel what a stronger wiser smarter and all round better tree I am now.

This pretty much sums up my love for being here it is the greatest thing I have done in my life so far and I am so glad I took this crazy step of braveness to step out of my comfort zone and come here because it has changed everything about me for the better. I believe in myself I love my self for who I am, I accept people for who they are. I have been challenged with many things physically and mentally, and become such a better leader. All I can say is this journey I am on is one that I will hold in my heart for the rest of my life because I love the person I am turning into and I can’t thank the people here at SRC enough for helping me through this transformation.


Tanisha, Mt Eliza




Third Time Lucky Print E-mail

DavidHi I’m David and this was my third time being student leader and my partner was Reagan and we had a guest speaker Barry Heard come to talk to us about his life in the war and his life when he got back. It was amazing how people back in the Vietnam War got treated and that they had no choice, if you got told you are going to war or if you didn’t you would have to go to jail for 2 years. WOW.

It was pretty easy being student leader, Reagan and I organised to go to the dunes but at the same time everyone had to change the linen so we got everyone to change them early so we got to go. We went over the sand dunes and into the beach, the view was amazing.

David, Endeavour Hills




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Hey I’m Cassie and yesterday I was Student Leader with Jack. I really enjoy being Student Leader because I like getting up in front of crowds and talking and to be honest I did like the power. It was really easy speaking to the community from the front of the common room because after seven weeks of being around them constantly I have grown to see them like family. My goals were to complete all my Passport criteria seeing as they were all due and I completed one but to high quality.

It was a Rest Day yesterday and we had quite a few activities going on. In the morning a SRC version of Hunger Games was held and a couple of students went four wheel driving to get the canoes that were left behind from Expo. However, my whole day was spent on completing Passport criteria.

It’s sad to think that there isn’t much time left here because I have become to close with everyone here – students and teachers – and because we all live in all different parts of Victoria. I know that we’ll make the effort to see one another but it will still be hard to leave this place after nine weeks.

Cassie, Dormona Secondary




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Secret Lunch Picnic Twist

Today I was many things. Crazy, sad, happy, scared, student leader, listener, recipient and a giver as well. I spent a horrible night (certainly not sleeping) without Caitlin, thinking and praying about my role as Student Leader today. I was appreciative I was doing it with Gemma, a girl in my expo group as well as a great friend. I woke up earlier (meaning got out of bed) to have a shower before breakfast. I wanted to “dress up” for the occasion.Phoebe, Rainbow P-12

Yesterday went great for me. Our classes were passports and yoga. Passports for me went really well. I got a lot of work done that needed to be caught up on and now I have completed 5 criteria’s and a half. I thought my role and Phoebe’s role’s went really well yesterday as student leaders as well. We set up a massive lunch for the whole of SRC. We made a long table in the middle of the room and decorated it with table cloth, candles, flowers, proper cutlery and water jugs. We were both really proud of it and were so happy about it we made a toast to everyone at SRC about how great the cook, teachers and students are. Gemma, Endeavour Hills SC

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Hi its Jack here and I’m just posting another blog about my second shot at being Student Leader. This time around I was partnered with Cassie. I found that I enjoyed it a lot more than last time as I knew what to expect and what was expected of me. I was also a lot more confident in front of the crowd as when I first took to the role of student l didn’t know everybody as well as I do now. But with that not being as much of a mental barrier I was able to be more open minded with what I thought needed to be said and was also not afraid to tell others when enough was enough.

While I was student leader I organised a community game along with Cassie, the game that we decided on was stones. A game based around the rules of capture the flag. No-one else knew the rules but after we explained it we all had a great time. A few other events that happened throughout the day include: The hunger games, a strategic game setup by Teagan, canoes were picked up and brought back to campus. But all that I did during the day was complete passport criteria and chill out. I had a great day and what made it even better was completing all my nine criteria drafts on time. With only two weeks left here at SRC I am really beginning to cherish every moment that will be spent here from now until when I leave this fantastic place.

Jack, Mt Clear College




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Nicholas and Lucy

On the 6th of September, I had Passports then yoga. Most of us have completed most of our criteria’s and are moving on to pictures. In the afternoon we had yoga. First we do some yoga poses and stretched all our limbs which made us more connected and aware of our body. I really enjoyed yoga and it is something I would like to do again. Then we did a relaxation activity, it kind of put you in the space just before sleep it was really relaxing and a good experience.

Lucy, Nhill College

On the same day, 1A and 1B had POL, which stands for Presentation of Learning. There were many diverse presentations which talked about all that everyone had learnt and they had quite a bit of content. One person presented theirs through painting, another through a metaphorical story and others talked. It was good to see all that everyone had done and there has been a big contrast for some people compared to how they were when they first came here compared to now and all that they have learnt. We’ve all learnt different skills and knowledge and it has been a great experience.

Nicholas R, Horsham College




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SRC Hunger Games

Today at the SRC campus a non-lethal hunger games was held. The SRC hunger games took place as a rest day activity as today was a rest day. Half of the campus competed in a competition that was a sort of hunting game. You became the winner if you were the last to survive. To survive means that you don’t get a ball thrown at you or your tag taken off you. If any of those things happened to you, you were classified as dead. It was such a fun activity and it made this rest day possibly one of the best rest days we have had so far at the SRC. The games started at 9:00 and finished just after morning tea. Gosh the SRC Hunger Games were EPIC!!! Also it was a good source of exercise having to run away from or chase everybody.

Aimee, Endeavour Hills




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Cheyenne and Oscar

Dear Readers,

My name is Cheyenne and I was student leader yesterday with Oscar. We have been attending the SSL for 7 weeks now and have done some of the most amazing things that I have ever done in my entire life. – Cheyenne

My time here at the SRC has been like a roller coaster that only goes up, the only down part which will arise will be at the end when we all have to leave. It will be sad to leave in two weeks’ time and I don’t think any of us want to. – Oscar

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Marlo Primary School's visit to Snowy Print E-mail
Marlo Primary Visits Snowy - August 28, 2012 Marlo Primary Visits Snowy - August 28, 2012



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Hi everyone, my name is Adam and I was student leader for my second time this term. With me on this little adventure of mine was Chris and we had a really interesting day.

The day started out pretty normal, with 1B, 2A, and 2B all on campus (1A was on Expo). By the time 9:00 O’clock headcount had arrived, most people had realised that 2B were the only group that were going to be here for the majority of the day. So that proved to an interesting day.

After headcount was done, our group got to decide how we were going to run the day. We still had to do our classes that had been set out for the day, but we got to decide when we wanted to do them.

Our classes that had been set out for the day were First Aid and Passports. We decided to do our passport work until morning tea, and then we started on our First Aid work.

We started our First Aid work with some symptoms on hypothermia and hyperthermia and we had to decide where to put them, and I got to organise that activity. After which we paired up and we got given scenarios that we had to act out to demonstrate different types of first aid. The one that I got was to do with fractures. We had to demonstrate what to do if someone had a fracture, and three different types of slings. Some of the other groups had a lot of fun painting there “victims”, and we all had a lot of fun. During the middle of all the presentations we had lunch, which turned out to be really quite with just one group there. When we finished our first aid lesson we still had some time left before class finished, so we went back to our passport work.

We had a really great day as student leader, and we can’t believe how fast this term has gone.

Adam – Nhill College
Chris – Carrum Downs




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Yesterday was a fairly average day at Snowy; everyone was doing something different.

1A headed off on the second Expo, 1B had First Aid and CLP, 2A had Water Watch and 2B had Peer Skills and CLP as well.


The Expo group had brilliant weather to start off the 3 days with. The sun was out and shining and it was warm, not hot, and not cold.


1B went over the basics of First Aid. During our time here at Snowy River Campus, we will take part in 3 First Aid courses; the first being CPR, the second basic First Aid and the third is scenarios. At the end of all 3 classes, we will receive a certificate in First Aid.


2A went on Water Watch all day. They watched videos on the rivers, and then went to Orbost to test several separate bodies of water for pollution.


2B had Peer Skills, where we learned how to deal with conflict. We had several activities in which we discussed and learnt about different ways in which we can deal with disagreements.

In the afternoon, 1B and 2B both had CLP, where we worked on our community learning projects. Each team used the time well and got a large portion of their CLP’s done.

In the evening class, we watched the film From Little Things Big Things Grow, which was about an aboriginal song writer telling history through his music. It was a very interesting and powerful movie.

All in all, yesterday was a busy day for the students here at Snowy River Campus.

Caitlin - Carrum Downs & Ryan - Nhill Colege*




Student Leader Time Print E-mail

Hello all,

My name is Jai and I’m at the School for Student Leadership, - we are at the Snowy River Campus. Yesterday I was student leader with Lucy from Nhill College. In the morning we video linked both the Gnurad & Alpine Campus’s. Students from all campuses introduce themselves to everyone, say an interesting fact about their hometown, their community goal and their quote of the day. Our microphone was broken so we wrote our information down on a white board accompanied with pictures. It’s good to be student leader because you learn valuable leadership skills and styles such as an autocratic leadership style, or a more relaxed one. All in all it was a very good day.

Jai - Mt. Eliza SC

Hi my name is David and this my second time as student leader. My goal was to get everyone to learn their numbers in Spanish for headcount and I was afraid that it wasn’t going to work out but I started teaching everyone how to say it and at the end mostly everyone said it right so I was very happy.

I was a bit sacred because I saw how others were doing it and it seem to be hard but this time it was so much easy and bit by b it I am building my confidence and I bet you next time it will so much easier. smiles

David - Endeavour Hills SC




Once Upon a Time Print E-mail

Once upon a time Nicholas R and Teagan were student leaders. Just by chance they were fortunate enough to be visited by Newmerella Primary School. On this ceremonious day the students of SRC (Snowy River Campus) decided to teach the Newmerella students about many interesting topics about various things. As they journeyed through the day, the students were thoroughly engaged with all of the activities that they participated in. There were talks and activities on bush tucker, birds, navigation, water, marine life, indigenous culture and much fun and games. The Newmerella students looked up to the SRC students as role models. The children shared lots of laughs together and had a memorable day. By the end of the day, Teagan and Nick were pleased with the end result of the LLP Day as the children walked away with new knowledge and experiences that they can share.

LLP Day with Newmerella Students

Some of the obstacles that faced Nick and Teagan as student leaders were quieting everyone down for head-counts and meal-times along with encouraging them to keep the wings and laundries tidy.

Overall, here at SRC, everyone is welcoming and getting along well together. We have enjoyed our time here and look forward to the new rich experiences that await us.

From here at SRC, that’s all for now folks!

Teagan - Carrum Downs and Nicholas R - Horsham College




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So far at SRC I’ve been having an amazing time, we’ve been doing things like hiking, caving, surfing and biking. Where I’m from you don’t get many opportunities to do these sorts of things, so, I have been having a great time with all these new experiences. The most fun I’ve had so far was caving, we got really muddy and I had to rely on my team mates a lot seeing as I got quite claustrophobic. But, with their support I got through and over all I had a fantastic time.

Living here is very easy. The cooks are lovely, the teachers are generous, understanding and kind. Also, the other students are all amazing people. It’s as if I am living with all my best friends. I get up at 6:20 every morning and my day starts, I’m very used to it now and this was today…

My first class was photography; David Tatnall came in to teach us how to use a mechanical SLR. It was extremely interesting and I loved taking photos when you have to do all the settings yourself. I get the photos back next week and I’m excited to see how they turned out. Afterwards I had surfing and enjoyed myself heaps, I got knocked down quite a bit and managed to just stand up, I’m not the best surfer but it’s very entertaining. I love bonding with ‘Down Hill’, they are all great people and I’m glad I met them all.

Alyson - Carrum Downs Secondary




Our Parents Come to Visit Print E-mail

Parents Visit Weekend!!!

For the first time in about five weeks, we got to see our parents. That was really good to see our family and to have a proper talk to them about what we have been doing, what it is like here and also to hear what things are like back home, and any other things that would be happening in the upcoming weeks.

Most of us stayed at Lakes Entrance, which meant that even though you were away from the school, you still saw others with their parents on a regular basis. A few of the things that people did were going to the cinema to watch a movie, swim in the pool at the resort, have a hit of tennis and play mini golf.

I think that the first thing that people did in Lakes Entrance was go to McDonalds or KFC.

Once we had gone for a look around lakes, we headed back to the resort to just hang out and enjoy being with our family again.

Then came the time for farewell the next day, many tears were shed as the families departed, everyone knowing that they wouldn’t see their families for another four weeks.

Everyone had a really good time with their family, but now we have settled back into the routine of our day to day life here at Snowy.

Alex, Nhill College

Alex - Nhill College




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LLP Day on the Way

Hey, this is Tayah and Keelen, we were recently student leaders at SRC.

What is a student leader you may ask? Well, let us explain, a student leader is kind of like a teacher for a day, we control head counts and have to make sure that everyone gets to class on time. To be a good student leader you need to have the confidence to take control of the community. Why are we student leaders? The reason we are student leaders is because it gives us a chance to gain public speaking, for us to come out of our shells and to give us a chance to know what to do in all different situations.

Our community goal was to get under 17 seconds in our dinner head count; the reason for this goal was to make sure to had our dinner on time. The reason it didn’t go so well was because people were talking and they just wanted food, this will give us a great chance to improve for next time.

Tayah: My goal was to extend my leadership by speaking loud and practicing different types of leadership; I did this by coming to each head count with a different attitude for example, relaxed, democratic or autocratic. To be democratic I had to make sure everyone was listening and being fair.

Keelen: My student leader goal was to be more responsible for myself and others; I did this by getting everyone to head count early, keeping the wings clean and trying to improve my leadership style by not taking over everything.

Taylah - Horsham College
Keelen - Endeavour Hills SC




Tanisha - taking in every experience Print E-mail

Tanisha's PhotoHi my name is Tanisha and I am student leader today.

Today I went caving it was one of my highlights so far from the time I have been here, one of the highlights of the day was getting to mix up the core groups and go with another group of friends which I really enjoyed getting to know them all a lot more. So far being at the SRC has been an amazing journey, I have learnt some life skills that I am never going to forget along with life friends that I will always cherish.

I am really taking in every experience in here as much as I can not only that but the attitude and vibe here is electric, all the teachers here are amazing. They’re nothing like your every day teachers at school these teachers give off a positive vibe that they want to be here, they want to get to know you, they want to teach and show you as many things as they possibly can.

Oh and just have to mention one special thing the FOOD HERE IS AMAZING !!!! I feel like a pig getting fattened and treated like a princes every day just waiting for my time to be slaughtered. Hehehehe

Well that’s all from me stay happy and take every opportunity as it comes! Oxoxoxo

Tanisha – Mt Eliza SC




Hello everyone in Nhill! Print E-mail

Hello everyone! We are having a great time here at the Snowy River Campus. So far we have been Bridge Building, where we had to build a bridge and put it into the water so we could reach a canoe, that had been placed a couple of metres out, without getting wet. We have done Expo Skills, which was getting familiar with what we would have to do when we go on Expeditions, our first expedition is on Tuesday and we camp out in the bush for a night. We have also been surfing, which we all enjoyed a lot! Last week we had Intro to Bikes, which was just going over all the safety rules and getting used the bikes, and we had Intro to Canoes, which was fun even though the weather was a bit miserable. Other classes we have had are Thinking and Learning, Peer Skills, Beliefs and Values and we have had a couple of guest speakers. The next couple of weeks we have two more lots of surfing, a half day bike ride, a photography class and a day of caving.

Hello NHill

We have been working really hard on our Community Learning Project, which is promoting Nhill by making a brochure to go in the Information Centre and a video to show in places like the Nhill IGA. Hopefully in the next couple of days we will be able to get in touch with our Home Team and Mrs Toet to talk about our CLP.

We are teamed up with students from Carrum Downs and we are all having a great time. We have all mixed in with everyone really well. Some people go as far as saying that ‘the Nhill kids are the nicest people here.’ The time here is going by so fast, it only feels like we have been here a couple of days but really we are into our fourth week. Soon enough we will be back at school with everyone.

We would like to say a big hello to everyone and we are missing you all.

Kelsey, Lucy, Adam, Ryan and Alex.




Adam - First Time Student Leader Print E-mail

Joel and CassieMy name is Adam and today was my first day as student leader…

Today I was student leader with Sarah, and we started the day not very well, I was late to the morning meeting, but it all turned out alright. SRC hosted this morning’s video conference with Alpine and Gnurad. Gnurad’s microphone wasn’t working so they had to write everything on their board and we had to read it. The Alpine students seemed very nice and we shared our community and personal goals and interesting facts about where we’re from.

For the morning class 1A had Beliefs and Values, so they got to go off and have arguments with each other. 2A and B had LLP (Local Learning Project). LLP is an activity where the students from SRC get to teach upper primary kids something about Gippsland. Our group chose to show the kids how to make damper. In this morning’s class we figured out what we would need and how we would run the presentation, we only have 20 minutes to do it in.

This afternoon 1A had GPS navigation, so they got to walk around the campus to find different check points. This sounded really fun and I would have liked to give it a go. 1B got back from their expedition at about 3:00 this afternoon, and they had a really good time out camping. 2A had the half day bike ride, and they rode on different tracks around the area. 2B had CLP 1, and we all worked on trying to get our master plan finished, as it has to be done by parent visiting weekend.

Today we had heaps of fun being student leader and we’re having a great time being here!

Adam- Nhill College
Sarah- Dromana SC




Jack's Surfing Experience Print E-mail

Hello my name is Jack, and today I was student leader along with Billie.

So far I am having a fantastic time at the SRC for student leadership; I have met forty four interesting and fantastic new kids, and 17 awesome staff.

My highlight so far of my time here at SRC was the day that we went surfing! I had never been surfing until then and am disappointed in myself for not having done so. I was falling off left, right and centre, but after every stack I would get that little bit better; and in the end I rode a wave all the way to shore 3 times, not to blow my own trumpet or anything but that is a pretty decent effort for a newbie. Sadly after a few hours, we had to head back to campus for lunch.

Jack's Surfing Experience

I have been building up on my fitness while I have been here and that is coming along well, I am also feeling more confident as an individual and am not as nervous as I used to be when it came to speaking to new people, or in front of a large group of people. It is strange sometimes when I think that I have only known these people around me for just over two weeks but still I feel incredibly close to all of them, closer in fact than some of the people that I have known for a number of months. I guess this is because I am sleeping, eating and learning under the same roof as them, and this is speeding up the process in which I am getting to know them all.

I love it here and am already able to tell how hard it is going to be to leave this place.

Jack - Mt Clear College




Peer Skill, CPR and the Power of One Print E-mail

Yesterday 1A, my group, had CLP in the morning and Peer Skills in the afternoon. CLP stands for Community Learning Project and I about a project we are completing while here at SRC.

Endeavour Hills’s project is to throw a ceremony for our school’s legacy. Our school is closing down at the end of the year and we wanted something to remember it by. So we have decided to create a garden in memory. In the garden will be a tree, plants and everyone’s names on a wall who has ever attended Endeavour Hills Secondary College. I believe that we all finally have a clear idea of what we’re doing and we’re almost finished our Master Plan for it.

In the Afternoon our class had Peer Skills and I think that went well. We had a discussion on what we would do if someone close to us told us they were pregnant. I said that I would still love them and support them as much as they needed me to. Then in our evening class we watched a film called “The Power of One.” It’s about an English boy growing up in Africa learning what the world is like during World War I. We have only watched the first part of it but I look forward to seeing the second part tonight.

Yesterday 2A had Peer Skills and CPR exam. In Peer Skills we were mainly learning about problem solving and using this technique called POOCH which stands for Problem, Options, Outcomes, Choice, and How did it go?. I thought that the lesson was pretty fun. We also had a discussion using the deep speak cards, that was fun and interesting to hear different points of views on the topics. Lunch was nice, we had sandwiches. In the afternoon we had our CPR exams on the CPR lesson that we had a few days ago. Every one passed which was good and had some fun doing revision before we had to do the test. It felt good knowing that I have the knowledge to save a life if I am ever in that situation which I hope I never will be. If we completed it early we worked on our passports and it was a great day. I also enjoyed watching the first part of ‘The Power of One’ and look forward to the second part tonight.

By Gemma (Endeavour Hills) and Carl (Mt Clear College)




Joel and Cassie - student leaders Print E-mail

Hi, our names are Joel and Cassie, and we were student leaders for the day today. It was a fun experience taking charge and we learnt quite a bit from it. We are both confident speaking to audiences so it wasn’t a challenge for us, especially because we have become so close with all the community. Our headcount improved dramatically today; people actually remembered when they were meant to call out their number!

We went into our first Student Leader Meeting in the morning and linked up with the Gnurad and Alpine Campuses on the HD TV. It was quite strange because we only spoke for about a minute each and then we left, but we continued the Snowy River meeting off the camera. It was a new experience for us being in a staff meeting and practically running it but we handled it smoothly and the teachers were very kind and helpful. Joel and Cassie

Today I (Joel 1A) had my intro to LLP (Local Learning Project) and Passport so I was inside all day. In LLP we split into groups and came up with ideas about what we would like to teach 22 primary students about the East Gippsland coastal environment. My group is doing a lesson on local wildlife. We’ll be dressing up as some of the animals. I’m dressing up as a ring-tailed possum and one of my teammates is dressing up as a wombat.

I (Cassie 2A) had Expo Prep all day today and it was actually pretty tiring. We packed our expo packs today and were taught how to put it all in properly so it would be accessible during our trip. It will be a 12km walk and we leave tomorrow. I’m really pumped to go and I think I’ll be able to handle my extremely heavy pack.

We each have another turn at being student leader later on in the term but we think that we will be able to be more confident next time now that we have the general idea of how things work.

Bye from,

Joel (Endeavour Hills SC) and Cassie (Dromana SC)




Brittney and Jordan's student goals Print E-mail

Hi this is Brittney and Jordan,

On Sunday we were student leaders for the day and it was pretty good we think. For our head count we decided to make the school sing it in different styles of music and it was pretty funny though it was a bit slow.

Jordan’s goal was to stay tolerant and not get frustrated at the small things. We think he went very well and when he got a little frustrated he took it well.

Brittney’s goal was to be organised as a student leader, to be at class on time and to have her stuff ready before. She did pretty well with this goal, as she was mostly on time to her classes. She might need to work on this a bit more maybe…

Our community goal was to properly check for room partners to see if they are there, because other times some people weren’t even bothering, and that was holding the community back. But yesterday there was an improvement as people actually looked and got there room partner straight away.

Bye for now! :)

Brittney- Endeavour Hills
SC Jordan- Mt. Clear College




Billie's amazing time at Snowy River Campus Print E-mail
Billie's Photo

So far I have had an amazing time here at the Alpine school at the Snowy River Campus. I have made so many new friends and everyone is really friendly and getting on well. The teachers here are all really nice, funny and caring and they are all interesting to talk to.

Today I was student leader with Jack P and it has helped my public speaking skills a lot. My highlight of being here at Snowy would have to be surfing. It was so much fun and I had a great time catching waves. I have had so many excellent opportunities such as canoeing, bridge building and the Marlo challenge and I am really enjoying my classes.

I had a beliefs and values class yesterday which was one of the best classes ever, I leant so much from it. We have had three birthdays here so far and we got fantastic cakes and slices to celebrate.

I have been getting up in the mornings at 6.00 and exercising which is good because it is making me feel healthier. I am looking forward to the half day bike ride tomorrow and the expo next week. Two other groups have already done the expo and they said it was really good except the weather wasn’t very good because it bucketed on them and made it harder.

The food here is really good and the cooks are both lovely. I was really exited late last week when I got my first parcel in the mail, and I have gotten so many letters from my family and friends. I am having a great time here and I don’t think I want to go home! Even though I miss everyone.

Billie - Dromana SC





Being Student Leader - Gus and Kels Blog Account Print E-mail


As students leaders, Kelsey and I were looking forward to it. But, as people continued to disrupt class and be nuisances, we got very frustrated and irritated. That being said, the day itself was quite good. We had guest speaker Debbie Gray come in and talk to us about herself and she gets through life with a “difability” (she didn’t like saying disability as it was degrading). We also had a number of seminars talking about leadership and different methods of leading.


Our community goal for the day was to split up the forming groups among the community by randomly selecting people to move to different spots to where they would usually sit, and who they would sit with.

My goal was to get everyone to DEARR ten minutes early so that we could get through headcount and announcements and start on time. We got everyone together and had headcount done by 4:55 which was good.

My highlight of the day was talking and listening to Debbie, she was amazing; she really inspired me and got me thinking about how I want to live.

Next time I am student leader I really hope that everyone gives me their attention and respects me, as that didn’t really happen this time.


My goal was to get everyone to take on tasks they normally wouldn’t so they could develop trust and respect, so I got people who hadn’t yet said anything in morning class headcount to speak up and tell us about the day. To try and make the day more enjoyable, we got everyone to say their name instead of their number at headcount. We also tried to get people laughing with a game before evening class called “Pandemic”. To wrap up, I hope next time I do student leader duties that people pay me and the other S.L the same respect that they themselves would want.

Kelsey - Nhill College

Gus - Rainbow SC




Aidan and Jess describe their favourite experiences Print E-mail

This is Aidan and Jess and we are going tell you about what we’ve been doing at SRC.

At SRC we have been doing some very great things. Some of these include; surfing, caving, bridge building, canoeing and expo.

Aidan: My favourite experience so far has got to be Expo. I loved it because where I come from I don’t get to do a lot of camping or hiking and it was a very new experience for me. It was just great getting out with my mates and having a good time on the beach and through the bush. Everyone was really cooperative and helpful and everyone kept their chins up and gave it a good go.

Jess: My favourite thing I have done is surfing. I love the beach and the waves were amazing. I’m from the country and the closest beach is 3 hours away. I found surfing really easy. I managed to stand up on my first go. We learnt skills and safety about the beach. The weather has been really cold lately so the water was freezing but that didn’t stop us!

Aidan Surfing

We are really enjoying our time here at SRC. We wished everyone had this opportunity to come here because we are having a great time!

Aidan - Carrum Downs SC

Jess- Horsham College




Gemma and Carl give an account of how they spent their day. Print E-mail

Yesterday 1A, my group, had CLP in the morning and Peer Skills in the afternoon. CLP stands for Community Learning Project and I about a project we are completing while here at SRC. Endeavour Hills’s project is to throw a ceremony for our school’s legacy. Our school is closing down at the end of the year and we wanted something to remember it by. So we have decided to create a garden in memory. In the garden will be a tree, plants and everyone’s names on a wall who has ever attended Endeavour Hills Secondary College. I believe that we all finally have a clear idea of what we’re doing and we’re almost finished our Master Plan for it.

In the Afternoon our class had Peer Skills and I think that went well. We had a discussion on what we would do if someone close to us told us they were pregnant. I said that I would still love them and support them as much as they needed me to. Then in our evening class we watched a film called “The Power of One.” It’s about an English boy growing up in Africa learning what the world is like during World War I. We have only watched the first part of it but I look forward to seeing the second part tonight.

Yesterday 2A had Peer Skills and CPR exam. In Peer Skills we were mainly learning about problem solving and using this technique called POOCH which stands for Problem, Options, Outcomes, Choice, and "How did it go?". I thought that the lesson was pretty fun. We also had a discussion using the deep speak cards, that was fun and interesting to hear different points of views on the topics. Lunch was nice, we had sandwiches.

In the afternoon we had our CPR exams on the CPR lesson that we had a few days ago. Every one passed which was good and had some fun doing revision before we had to do the test. It felt good knowing that I have the knowledge to save a life if I am ever in that situation which I hope I never will be. If we completed it early we worked on our passports and it was a great day. I also enjoyed watching the first part of ‘The Power of One’ and look forward to the second part tonight.

By Gemma (Endeavour Hills) and Carl (Mt Clear College)




Today, we had a Rest Day. Print E-mail

Rest Days at Snowy River Campus are always exciting because there is always something different to do each week. There are different activities to undertake and get involved in. It is also a rare opportunity just to rest and relax whilst here.

Today, we had several activities to take part in.

The first was a mountain bike ride. A number of students took part in this, and rode through some pretty spectacular and muddy terrain. Everyone seemed to enjoy it though.

At morning tea, Chris and Aidan organised for a movie and popcorn morning. We watched Kicking & Screaming. It was a great way to relax and unwind.

In the afternoon, a group headed down to the beach to do rock pooling. There was this massive rock pool but none of us could go in it. There was also a baby seal which was all alone and looked so sad. It was good fun and a great way to get outdoors on a rest day.

Cheynne and Ryan

Another group of us, in the spirit of Kicking & Screaming, decided to play an impromptu game of soccer, organised by Aidan and a few other boys. It was great fun. Everyone who participated had a great time.

There were others who just relaxed, played on their laptops and did washing throughout the day, which is also a good way to spend the day.

This is just an average Rest Day at Snowy River Campus; full of fun and excitement!

By Cheyenne (Mt. Clear College) and Ryan (Nhill College)




Justin and Lilian's Team Time Surprise Print E-mail

Hello this is Justin and Lillian; this is our first time writing a blog so it might be a little rusty…

On Wednesday we were student leaders for the day, we were a little bit intimidated having to stand out the front of the class and order everyone around for the day… But during the day things went better and ran smoother.

We had to have a video conference with other SSL schools. It felt a bit weird but it was alright because it didn’t go for very long. We had to speak for the others because their microphone wasn’t working so we couldn’t hear any of them but they could hear us. We felt pretty proud of ourselves doing that for others that we didn’t even know.

Justin’s goal for the day was to keep our group focused and less talkative in classes. “Yeah it went pretty good everyone behaved well and we had fun throughout it also.”

Lillian’s goal was to get everyone to help out packing away the bikes after bike riding. “It went really well, everyone packed them away and I didn’t have to ask them.”

Our community goal was for every expo team to dress up into a different theme for dinner. “We both thought it went really well, it was really funny to see, and we even have a photo of some people that were dressed up as a ‘pink theme’. It was good to see all the groups communicating with each other and having great agreements, we think our goal was achieved and it was the best one yet!”

Justin and Lilian's team time surprise



David and Caitlin Report in as Student Leaders Print E-mail

Today I was student leader. I was a bit sacred because I saw how others were doing it and it seem to be hard but it wasn’t that that bad but in was always late because I was getting my stuff ready for expo. I can’t wait till the expo it’s going to be so much fun and I love going camping and the outdoors but at the same time I am afraid of getting ticks. It will be so awesome not to get ticks but going camping.

Smiles - David from Endeavour Hills SC

Hello, I’m Caitlin D, and I’m from Carrum Downs Secondary College. Today, I was the student leader, along with David. My own goal was to gain confidence, and I believe I did that easily. Our community goal was to clean the south courtyard, since it was a great big mess with shoes and gaiters all over the ground from yesterday’s orienteering. This was completed throughout the day, and now the courtyard is cleaner, with everyone’s shoes in the right place, and the gaiters hung up drying.

I think that today was a good day and I enjoyed being a student leader.


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