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Written by Lila, Snowy Student Term 3 2009   

Hey, remember me? Lila, from term 1.
I was bored and on the computer, so I looked up SRC and I laughed so hard when the page loaded, because, right there, is a photo of my expo team, just as we conquered that ENOURMOUS sand dune!
We all got to the top, laid down and laughed. We were like "YEAH! BEAT THAT! WE RULE!"
it was awesome fun and it is a really awful picture of us actually... We look so wrecked.

Our expo team rocked at completing expo. On the first one, we got back at about 1pm and on the second expo, we got back in time for lunch! Has anyone gotten back earlier than that?

I'm doing really well in school at the moment. My teacher rang and said I was doing 'exceptionally well' in 6 out of 8 of my subjects!

Next year, I'm doing a subject called World Challenge. You plan, fundraise and organise for a year, and then you head off to Thailand and Laos for a month! The students are in charge of the whole trip. I can't wait.

So, tell everyone I said hello!
from Lila- Footscray City College