2B or not 2B Print
Written by Emre, Snowy Student Term 3 2009   
On Monday 2B had raft building down at Corringle Slips. In the morning we were told to dress up as pirates, which was pretty funny. The trailer was packed the day before so after 9 am headcount we got in the bus and headed off. When we got there we designated areas to put everything, then we emptied the trailer. We had a short briefing from Mr. Morton and Ms Kristof then got straight into it.
We all gathered round and everyone gave ideas how to build it we got a bit from everyone’s ideas and started building. We had a little break for morning tea then kept going. We had a fair bit done by lunch then Jenkins and I started to cook lunch. We got out the B.B.Q and started cooking the all the sausages and rissoles. During that everyone else that was building the raft accidently broke a part and had to do a lot more work to fix it. We finished cooking lunch and everyone came and ate.
After lunch we all got stuck into getting the raft attached to the Barrels. We finished attaching them all then called Mr. Morton and Ms Kristof to come and do a safety check. We were all good so we headed off; our aim was to find the treasure so we had to paddle out for approximately 30 meters.  When we got our raft into the water, a few barrels fell off and Brendon and Kate went after them. Our raft slowly started to get worse and worse with a couple mEmre having fun with the barrelore barrels falling off so me and a couple more people jumped in the water and started swimming it back to shore. Even though we failed with our raft we didn’t give up and walked on a journey to find the treasure. We got to the sand dunes then took out the map to look where the treasure was, I saw it and ran to where it was and started digging and we ended up getting a block of chocolate.
It was a very enjoyable day and seemed that everyone had a good time. We undid all the ropes of the raft packed up and headed off back to campus.
Emre-Gladstone Park SC