CLP Wrap Up Print
Written by Corey, Snowy Student Term 3 2009   

Werrimul team  - CLP PresentationOn the 5th of September I woke up to a very significant day; I woke up to Community Learning Project (CLP) presentations day. Not only was it CLP day, but it was a day where I was also student leader for the day.

After having a quick shower and having some breakfast, Tamara and I did a headcount to ensure everybody was here, and so some announcements could be made. The first part of the day, from 9 till 11, was about cleaning up the SRC. It was a very well done task, and everybody put a lot of effort into doing so; the boy’s laundry actually looked clean! We swept the courtyards, tidied our rooms to the extent that there was hardly any oxygen left. When the place was spotless, the common room was changed for lunch time, so we all arranged the tables into the appropriate setting, but we had to do a few trips to the gear shed and back to get some extra tables.

We then had to kick a few people out of the west classroom to set up the tea and coffee, and we put all the cups out in the common room. Everyone complained at the fact that they weren’t allowed to drink out of their cups because they were to be use for lunch. But with the skills of bridge building we learnt in the first few weeks at the SRC, they built a proverbial bridge, and they got over it.

The second part of the day consisted of welcoming our guests and doing the presentations themselves. By this time of the day, everybody wore their best clothes, and they were conversing with one another. The atmosphere was incredibly relaxed, even though most of us were around people we had never met before. But when we had lunch; the guests moved to the refreshments room; we started to arrange the common room for the presentations; the relaxed atmosphere vanished. All the students were anxious to get their presentation done so they would destroy their nerves, but had to wait. Before any of this could go on, Mr. Reeves organised a video call with the other 2 campus’ to officially announce the start of the CLP presentations. After this Tamara and I made announcements and the presentations began.

Clay presenting KendoThe whole afternoon consisted of a wide variety of CLP’s and all were very good to watch. One was a remake of Backyard Blitz, another was video orientated, and another had a song. It was a very enjoyable afternoon. Other than there being CLP’s to present, there were some acts which were performed. They were a Kendo demonstration performed by Clay from Gladstone Park SC and some singing by Leah from Princes Hill SC and “I’m Yours” performed by Megan, Tamara, Jim, Sean and Blake.

After the presentations Tamara and I welcomed Mrs. Francis to hand out some CLP certificates to all the schools that form SRC term 3. The afternoon was concluded after that and our guests went home.

Corey, Werrimull P-12 School