Enviro Bike Ride - 26km Challenge Print
Written by Katrina, Snowy Student Term 3 2009   

Groovy Bikers

On the 18th of August 2009 team 2A set off for a 26km bike ride.

On the way we learnt about the environment and what impacts it like logging coupes, we were asked to explore the logging coupe and express our feelings after wards.

The place looked really empty and looked a bit like a war zone. It was very quiet and it was sad to know that it used to be so alive with many trees and animals.

My thoughts on logging are that we should log but not natural forests. We should instead log plantation areas because the trees won’t be natural or protected species.

Throughout the ride we caught the eye of some captivating scenery; we stopped for lunch at Cabbage Tree Creek and went on a rainforest walk.

Cruising along with 2AFor most of the day we got eaten alive by blood sucking mosquitoes but with our speed on the bikes they couldn’t catch us. Some of the 26km was a challenge but our keen determination kept us on track. 

With the ultimate, awesomeness of 2A the day turned out to be a load of fun. We also rescued a duck (now named Snowy) from getting eaten by a wedged tail eagle, Snowy is currently at the vet getting his leg checked on.

Katrina, Werrimull P-12