2B Goes on their First Expo Print
Written by Kate and Rhianna, Snowy Student Term 3 2009   
On Thursday and Friday 2B went on their first expo.

We left the campus at 8.40am, and made our way to the beach. We stopped a few times along the way for rest, snack and lunch breaks. We walked along the ocean up to Salmon rocks, where we spent a while climbing and exploring. It was great to have our packs off for a bit.

2B out on ExpoThen we headed up the nature trail all the way to Cape Conran. Our campsite wasn’t far down the track from here; our days work was nearly over. We unpacked our gear and set up our tents, made our cooking circle and started making dinner. It got dark before we were done cooking. Then the possums arrived.

The first drank chicken noodle soup out of Kate’s cup, then the second tried to get into the mentholated sprits, the third jumped on the table and chewed on a tomato. After all the fuss died down we cleaned up and lit the fire, had our review of the day and set our goals. Then roasted marshmallows and ate chocolate balls for dessert.

We all filed off to bed, after a lot of talking, chatter and laughing we settled down to sleep.

The next morning bright and early at 6.30 we packed up our beds and went for breakfast. It took a while to get packed up and have our emu bob. We set off for our last day. Not long after we left the weather turned on us, although some enjoyed the rain.

After 3 hours of walking along the beach we made it to the Yeerung River Nature Trail. Trudging up and down hills, muddy paths and slippery board walks, we made it to the river.

Lunch was set and ready to eat, then Mr. Morton and Ms. Kristof had to get us to find the precious hummus. Everyone searched their packs several times. After searching and standing in the rain and our lunch getting soaked finally we found it in one of our bags.

Looking back it was a really fun and challenging 2 days, we are looking forward to the next Expo at Mt. Raymond.

By Kate and Rhianna, Red Cliffs SC