Expo Skills with 2A Print
Written by Carlie, Snowy Student Term 3 2009   

Carlie having a blast on Expo Skills DayHi everyone,
Today my expo team 2A went on expo skills. We are from Werrimull P-12 and Fitzroy HS. It is basically a mini expo so we have a rough idea of what the real expo is going to be like. We all had to take on different roles in the team. I was the group orgainser so I had to make sure everyone stuck to the tasks they had to do. For example, the time keeper had to tell us how much time we had to have lunch or to get back to the campus. If there was a decision that had to be made I would have to do a vote to see which way we would go, either the short or the long way. We decided the short way since we have had a pretty active week already and we were all feeling a little tired. We had to choose a campsite where we were going to set up our tents so when we got our real campsite on expo we would know what to do. We put them up, it was easier than we all thought it would be. We all had a really good time and thought it was a good experience and can’t wait to the actual exp. It will be a challenge but a challenge worth doing if you ask me.

By Carlie, Werrimull P-12