Intro to canoes Print
Written by Erica, Snowy Student Term 3 2009   

Today we had our first canoeing lesson to teach us all the skills that we will need for our second expedition. We started off the day learning our basic strokes and having races to practice them.

After a while we went back to the riverbank to have lunch and a quick rest. After lunch we set off on a journey through the rain forest. The start was easy until we got to our first obstacle which was a big bridge. I had to squeeze into the front of my canoe so we could fit under it. From then on the obstacles got much harder! As the river ran slowly into a small stream and we were forced to paddle through over hanging branches.

We may have gotten a few scratches but it was a heap of fun. I got two cuts on my thumb from a plant I grabbed onto and we almost fell out a few times. When we got back it was time for our capsize drill. I watched all my group members screaming as they tipped their canoes and then their faces in the cold water, I got very nervous. When I tipped out, I screamed so loud and then got to shore as fast as I could! In the end it wasn’t that bad and the day was great. That experience was followed up by all the community playing a game of gang up ‘tiggy’ it was a fun day!

By Erica, Tyrrell College