Canoeing Adventure Print
Written by Kate, Snowy Student Term 3 2009   

canoeing along the YeerungToday 2B- Red Cliffs and Gladstone Park had canoeing all day. We all piled into the party bus and went down to Yeerung River. First we went through how to get in and out of the canoes. Once we were in the water we did all the basics like turning, going forwards and backward and rafting together.  After we got the hang of it we went for a paddle up to river for about an hour.  Ryan and I were canoeing partners, we kept crashing into all the trees and the bank but it was heaps of fun!
After lunch we had to practice capsizing. We all rafted together then one after the other a group would go out and capsize their canoe, swim it back to our raft and we would all put it up the right way for them again. I was looking forward to this part, then I felt the water... it was freezing! We went second and the worst bit was tipping yourself out of your canoe, but it wasn’t to long before we were dry and warm again. I’m looking forward to the canoeing expo but hoping I don’t fall out!
Kate-Red Cliffs