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Written by Gina, Snowy Student Term 3 2009   

Gina and friendsHey I’m Gina (second left) from Princes Hill Secondary College and I got selected to come to SRC.

Before I arrived at the campus I had so many doubts about how I would fit in but those soon left me because now I’ve got lots of friends who I know I will have forever.

One of my biggest worries was that I would miss my family and friends a lot but the staff and kids here become your family. The activities and classes we have done so far have been so much fun, my favourite though are the rest days because you can do whatever you want;  fishing, swimming, bike riding…anything nearly.

For the people reading this and wanting to come…you won’t regret it! It’s definitely a life changing experience.

In this photo: Seb, Me, Kate, Shaun and Emre, taken on the NAIDOC walk in Orbost.

By Gina, Princes Hill SC