Intro to Bikes Print
Written by Scott, Snowy Student Term 3 2009   

Today 2A had a class in the afternoon called ‘Intro to Bikes’.  The name says it all, it was an introduction to the bikes and paths at the Snowy River Campus.

First of all we were shown where all the equipment was kept and then how to put the helmet on then adjust them so they fit. Once we got all the safety stuff out of the way we had a slow race (a race were the last person wins). Then we had to demonstrate that we had the skills to ride a bike well in all kind of situations and scenarios some of these were turning in tight corners, riding over a log, weaving through obstacles and riding over a see-saw.

After we had all shown the teachers we could do these skills we jumped back on our bikes and headed off on to the bike track through the scrub. Some of the track was a bit hairy but we only had one person fall over which was a plus. It was a great day and it was enjoyed by all.

Scott C, Werrimul