The First Rest Day of Term 3 Print
Written by Clay, Snowy Student Term 3 2009   

As our first rest day it was a bit rocky, we had only one activity proposal go through, which was for fishing. I was going to go on a bush walk in Mt McKenzie, but the person who wrote the proposal forgot to put it in so we had a day around the campus.

Even when you have to stay on campus it’s always fun, because there is heaps to do. Many students, such as me, like to get out and do activities such as basketball, ping pong, a little bit of footy, also people were doing things such as flash on their laptops, an array of board games were being used as well. 

One real good highlight was when some of the students got out their drums, guitars and bass, the people who were playing had some serious talent. So today, due to the fact we were stuck on campus, went extremely well, though next time I’m going out swimming.

Clay, Gladstone Park