Term 2B 2013



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Written by Snowy River Campus, Term 2B 2013   
The Team from Term 2B 2013



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Written by Emily, Snowy River Campus Student, Term 2B 2013   


Yesterday we stared a game called ‘Assassin’. It’s where you get a target and you have to try and kill them without anybody seeing or hearing it. You can’t kill them between 9:00pm and 8:00am or class times. When you kill your target, you get their target in return and if that was you, you have to redraw a name out of a hat. It has been such a fun game to play! All you can hear is people screaming because somebody scared them or killed them and then you hear all these people laughing at their reactions. It’s so funny to watch! I was killed the first day because Naja locked me in a room with my killer. But it doesn’t matter; it’s been just as fun watching everybody who is still in. Even though it makes everyone suspicious of each other, it’s a fun game to end our time at Snowy on. ☺

-Emily, Horsham College




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Written by Kiah, Snowy River Campus Student, Term 2B 2013   

Hi, I am Kiah from Red Cliffs Secondary College.

As our time is coming to a close, everyone is in a mad rush to complete all work with loose ends! Both the West and East classrooms look like a bombs gone off and everyone is a ball of stress. Not to mention they are all frightened of who their Assassin could be and their whereabouts! It is hard to think about how our time is going to end after 5 weeks of being away from home. Not to mention all the preparation for our CLP Presentations Day tomorrow! No-one wants our time to end but are all making the most of the time we have left.

A Hectic Last Week - Kiah



Our Last Rest Day - Term 2B Print E-mail
Written by Eric and Mikayla, Snowy River Campus Students, Term 2B 2013   

Today we (Eric and Mikayla) took on the roles as Student Leader’s. We handed out names in a hat and made everybody pick a name, when they had chosen a name they had until the DEARR the next day to write a letter to the person stating some positive comments about the person and one this that they have seen change within the person whilst at Snowy. It was a rest day so for the first part of the day we both did our passports. The second part of the day we all went out to zone three and played a camouflage game. Camouflage is basically hide and seek and forty- forty home base blended together. We played the game in zone 3 out the back of campus in the bush. The game was amazing, everyone enjoyed themselves because the game doesn`t leave anyone out, everyone plays. We all came back with scratches and bruises from running under, over and into bushes and trees. For DEEAR we went down to the dunes, for the last time ever. For evening class we watched The Rabbit Proof Fence. The movie was really good and a few people were crying. It was a really fun day and we all had a really good rest day.

It is sad to think that this was the last rest day we are going to have with each other.

Mikayla from Thornbury High/ The Koorie Academy of Excellence.
Eric from Red Cliffs Secondary College.




The best surfer is the one having the most fun Print E-mail
Written by Molly, Snowy River Campus Student, Term 2B 2013   

On Wednesday, my expo group 2B had our second surf lesson. The weather was starting to turn bad as a low was developing over eastern Bass Straight. Our lesson had already been moved forward as three metre swells had been predicted for Friday, the original day of our lesson. We got our wetsuits on and grabbed our helmets walking towards the cars under a grey sky threatening to rain. Despite the ominous weather, spirits were high and everyone was singing along to the radio on the drive to West Cape. It didn’t take long for us to run down to the sand, grab the boards and after a quick warm-up, paddle out into the sea. Offshore winds were causing choppy conditions and it was hard to catch a wave. There were nose dives and collisions but we were a persistent crew and kept trying. I caught a few really good waves and was pretty happy with what I could do, given the conditions. Mr Den Otter was showing off his talents and Kiah even caught a wave on the back of his board. The rain started about half an hour into the lesson but I don’t think anyone really noticed. Everyone was laughing and joking around. Towards the end of the lesson Mr Den Otter suggested the whole team catch a ‘party’ wave. We lined up boards to face the shore and waited. Mr Den Otter yelled out “this is the one” and I turned around and saw this massive wave forming behind us. We started screaming and paddling and one second we were full of adrenaline pumped for the wave, the next we were getting hammered. Everyone came up laughing and sharing what happened. We really bonded over that and we caught a few more waves before reluctantly paddling in and walking back up to the car park. It was like we had been pulled out from a different world. Suddenly we were aware of the rain and the cold but we had, had an amazing time and even if we didn’t catch many waves we made it fun!

Cold air, fast feet, dirt track, listens to my heart beat. Breathing hard, almost there, one more lap, take care. Sprint hard, final turn, don’t give up, feel it burn. Birds sing, chickens cluck, peace and quiet, good luck. Cool down, it’s over now, breathe easy, take a bow.

-This is poem I wrote for my Passport about getting up at 6:30 every morning and going for a run.

Molly, Maffra Secondary College

Surfing Session




Relaxing End to the Day - Aron Print E-mail
Written by Aron, Snowy River Campus Student, Term 2B 2013   

Hi I’m Aron. I go to Echuca College in north central Victoria.

Last night was a student led activity night. We had a meeting and decided to play some fun little games. First we tried a human knot, then we played a game of ‘honey I love you’, followed by a concentration game Mitch taught us how to play. Just before bed I ran a relaxation/meditation class to wind down the night. Overall I’m sure everyone had a great night.

Today at Snowy River Campus the rain finally stopped. It was such a good feeling for us to finally be able to go outside, run around and kick the footy after a long week of stormy/rainy weather.

Tomorrow I’m looking forward to the half day bike ride and finishing off our CLP presentation.




Having a blast at Snowy - Stephanie. Print E-mail
Written by Stephanie, Snowy River Campus Student , Term 2B 2013   

Yesterday my Expo Team 2A went to our first surfing session at Cape Conran. I was so pumped to start, mostly because I thought by the end of the lesson I would be pro. Ha no! Our instructors were so nice helping me after each of my failed attempts to stand on the board. By the end of the lesson I managed to stand up twice! It was so exciting and powerful. After surfing we were all pretty wiped out, Thank goodness Mrs Pascal had prepared a yummy afternoon tea for us.

I was also student leader yesterday with Jayden, our community goal was to have everyone draw a name out of a hat and write a letter to them, but to not let the person you got know it was you. This goal went really well, to watch everyone open their letter and see them smile and giggle was a really good feeling. Both Jayden and I felt like our community goal had a big impact on everyone’s day.

I’m having a blast here at Snowy, every day is like a party in my Expo Team. Every day there’s something new to learn and the teachers make everything fun and electrifying.

Stephanie- Whittlesea Secondary College




Keeping busy on a rainy rest day. Print E-mail
Written by Naja, Snowy River Campus Student, Term 2B 2013   

Yesterday I woke up to the sound of rain once again for about the fourth day in a row. It was a rest day so I had the whole day to fill with whatever I felt like doing. A lot of us decided to put all our Gortex on and brave the rain. We went for an exploration around Zone 3 then after going around in circles for a while we ended up at ‘grandma’s’ (our fire circle). As you do when you go to grandma you go play sardines… well that’s what we do. Courtney ran off to hide and the rest of us counted to 100. It took me ages to find Courtney’s hiding place and when I did I had to squish in with almost everyone else.

After lunch Tom ran an American football game. It was really confusing and it’s definitely way harder than AFL. It was really fun running in the rain though even if I didn’t know what I was doing.

For the evening we went to the dunes for spirit spot. I always have a great time going to spirit spot because the walk is really fun and its nice doing DEARR on the sand dunes. For evening class we had our ‘Step up’ ceremony. We had a leaf, a rock and a stick. The leaf was something that we wanted to leave behind, the rock represented a challenge we overcame and the stick was something we wanted to keep doing. It was a nice way to mark half way in our time here.

Naja - Horsham College




Bush Dance Night. Print E-mail
Written by Kiah and Kelsey, Snowy River Campus Students, Term 2B 2013   

We had a Bush Dance and had a lot of fun. We danced to many unheard of songs and learnt lots of new bush dances. Some people were really passionate and displayed that in dance moves! The Nut bush was the all-time favourite and had everyone up and dancing apart from the few injured students. To top the night off we did some meditation with Miss Patterson to calm us before we were shipped off to bed!

Kiah, Red Cliffs Secondary College.

The bush dance was probably the most enjoyable night I have had since being here at the Snowy River Campus. Doing the country dances was so fun, it was a great way to talk to people as we were only in our second week and didn’t really know everybody. A few people had to sit out because of injuries, which was pretty disappointing but they enjoyed watching everybody else attempt to dance. By the end of the night everybody was cooking in their flannies and were exhausted. That was possibly the best night sleep I have ever had!

Kelsey, Horsham College.

Bush Dance

Bush Dance




Expo Preparation and an Expo Challenge for 2B Print E-mail
Written by Alanna, Snowy River Campus Student, Term 2 B 2013   

Today was yet another great day here at the Snowy River Campus. I had expo preparation all day as 2B are leaving for expo in the morning. It’s going to be great hiking along the beach and camping with all the students from Maffra and Red Cliffs. Despite the bad weather everyone is pumped and ready to go. It’s going to be an amazing experience and as the last group to go everyone has already told us how much fun it is going to be.

As a team we came up with a goal to challenge ourselves whilst we are away. There has already been a lot of challenging things here already such as bridge building, the half day bike ride and I even find it challenging sometimes to get out of my bed in the morning. But being here has made everyone a lot more confident within themselves and working in teams has helped us to realise our full potential. We have agreed as a team we want to hike as far as we possibly can with the weather conditions and with everyone’s positive attitude within the team we have even considered the option of hiking all the way back to campus.

Alanna, Maffra SC




Duncan and Alyssa - Student Leaders Print E-mail
Written by Alyssa, Snowy River Campus Student, Term2B 2013   

On Monday the 16th June, Duncan and I were student leaders. This consisted of writing out personal goals, community goals, a video link up with two other schools and running head count.

Yesterday’s classes for 1B were CLP and personal prep. CLP was a really good chance to finish out master plan for Kyneton Secondary College’s Community Learning Project. I took my turn in leading the group today because I was in charge of filling out the planning document for the lesson. I feel like everyone got heaps of work done and we finally fished our master plan. Personal Prep was a good chance to catch up on anything that needed finishing. Our passports and CLP project were priority but this is also a good time to clean your room and do some washing. Some of the girls and I crammed into one room and had a pass port decorating session. I got a few cover pages done and I also made a start on criteria 4, “Learning” which is one of the pieces of work that goes into our pass ports. As for Duncan and my community goal, we decided that more responsibility needed to be taken for personal gear. Everyone did really well and many stray items of clothing have been claimed.

I really enjoyed student leader and I think that it is a good chance for the students to take responsibility and leadership of their community.

Alyssa, Kyneton Secondary College




Expedition Mission Print E-mail
Written by Maegan, Snowy River Campus, Term 2B 2013   

As the sun sets on a new day,
1A expo team came to say
We will soon start to procrastinate,
But we have to keep going or we’ll be late

Off they went plodding along the track,
With massive bags attached to their back.
Grizzling and groaning along the way,
As the sun sets on a new day

Canoeing through the river stroke by stroke
As they were all craving a diet coke
Gazing at the stars, on the fields they lay
As the sun sets on a new day

Feet slowly dying, expo slice running out
“We’ve reached the top of Mount Raymond!”  1A shouts
No more Nachos or marshmallows they say
As the sun sets on the last day

- Maegan, from Echuca College

Expedition Mission



A Very Rainy Day Print E-mail
Written by Mimi and Ebony, Snowy River Campus Students, Term 2B 2013   

Hi, I’m Mimi from Melbourne Girls’ College!
Today 1A had the half day bike ride, we started on Mimdogs’ track and we rode towards Marlo Plains. We started with cloudy weather but a few minutes in we were putting our trusty Gortex on and getting soaked! As we rode, we changed partners and we all got closer as the ride progressed. We stopped for morning tea (seeking cover from some trees) and met our new horsey friend, who we fondly named, ‘Pascal’, who we fed some treats! As we turned around and headed back to campus, Ash and Tyanah had a crash as they were looking for ducks and Tyanah came back to campus to rest and have a nice warm shower! Overall, a great day and I can’t believe that we have a week and a half left here and I really don’t want to leave!

A Very Rainy Day...

Hi! I’m Ebony and I’m from Kyneton Secondary College!
1B was inside all day today with a morning class working on our CLP presentations and afternoon class learning about conflict management in Peer Skills. The rain poured down the majority of the day so even in our breaks we were trapped indoors! However, our classes were made enjoyable by the teachers and even though we were all slightly restless, we got on and finished our work. I learnt that my conflict management style is comparable to a teddy bear in the way of being accommodating. In the afternoon, we had our community walk which is a good way to mingle with people you don’t generally talk to whilst also staying healthy with two laps of the running track. It was heaps of fun!

So, a great day overall for both groups as well as having a great time yesterday being student leaders together!




Our Time Here. Georgia and Finlay Print E-mail
Written by Georgia & Finlay, Snowy River Campus Students Term 2B 2013   

This week we were student leaders. Being a student leader was a bit nerve racking at the start but soon we became comfortable as we knew the people around us. Our goals were to keep the community meeting running smoothly and efficiently and to speak clearly in front of everyone. Our community goal was to keep the classroom tidy after using it so the next group would have a clean room.

Surfing up a Storm at Cape Conran

Our favourite experience so far was surfing up a storm at Cape Conran and going to the spirit spot for D.E.A.R.R. at night. Some of the things we have learnt are leadership qualities, how to crochet a beanie and knit a headband. By now everybody knows each other really well and the community is working together as a team so that life at the SRC runs smoothly.

Georgia - Koorie Academy & Finlay - Wangaratta HS




Fishing, Surfing, Movie Watching, Oh My Print E-mail
Written by Mitch and Courtney, Snowy River Campus Students, Term 2B 2013   

Hi, I’m Mitch and I’m from Maffra Secondary College in Gippsland, my home town is Dargo about a 1 hour drive from Maffra, North in the hills. I was a student leader yesterday, part of being a student leader is writing a blog the next day so that you people that want to know about Snowy River can read and get a basic idea of our day to day life.

Every Saturday we have a free day, a free day is where you get to either relax and do nothing or organize a trip, today the trips on offer were going to the beach in the morning or going fishing in the arvo, I went fishing. In the morning we hung about for a bit until after morning tea, after morning tea we went and continued building our mountain bike track. That was time well spent for the crew that were left here.

After lunch we got our rods ready, got in the buses and went to a place in Marlo called French’s Narrows in on the Melbourne side of the estuary in Marlo. Unfortunately we did have much luck but we have a good time and all enjoyed getting out. Most of the people that went used the schools rods but there were a couple including myself that brought our own rods and tackle so we got to do some spinning. Still had no luck, the only thing we caught out of the whole time was some weed that got caught on a hook. It was pretty depressing but no denying that we will but at it again sometime in the near future and we will have more luck. Even Mr O’Hagan didn’t have any luck. Maybe we went at the wrong time or maybe there’s no fish.

Tonight we have a Community Movie night where we all choose a movie and are able to watch it as our night class it should be good, the choices are Happy Feet, The Incredibles and another movie that I’ve never even heard of. I myself will be going with ‘Happy Feet’ but we will see how it goes.

By Mitch, Maffra SC


My name is Courtney and I am from Echuca College, Yesterday I was student leader with Mitch. Our goals that we set went really well and I think we both learnt a lot of new skills of actually being a leader in the community.

Today was our second rest day (but it didn’t involve much resting) so a couple of people put up some ideas in what exactly people wanted to do. In the morning I went to the beach with the lucky other 21 people. We set up a pretty snazzy looking volleyball net and played an enthusiastic game of volleyball. We also had an awesome time swimming in the surf in our very attractive wetsuits. While others floated over mini tsunamis, some chose to try and give body surfing a go!

When we got back in was a real fight for the three showers in the girl’s wing, but in the end most of us all ended up getting the salt water out of our hair. Later on a group of people went to build a bike track in the amazing, dangerous, fearful, traumatic…. Bush. It was actually very fun and we ended up getting a lot done. We had a great, efficient team to work with. But, if someone happens to injure themselves walking on the track, don’t look at us.

At afternoon tea everyone was very excited about Eric’s Birthday! But I think we were more excited about the amazing ice cream cake… We sang a happy birthday and I think Eric had a fantastic day here.

Overall, today was pretty great (as all rest days are) but I’m pretty excited to get back into work tomorrow and getting ready to head out on expo soon!

By Courtney- Echuca College




S-U-R-F-I-N-G Print E-mail
Written by Isobelle, Snowy River Student, Term 2B 2013   

Today my expo group and I had surfing at Cape Conron! It was so amazing and exhilarating!! It was the first time I had been surfing and it was so much fun, I can’t believe I haven’t discovered it before! Our instructors today were great; they were so nice and helpful! After many failed attempts I finally stood up and caught a wave!!

S-surviving all of the wipe-outs
U-unreal waves
R-running through the waves
I-incredible experience
N-never going to forget
G-getting so much better by the end

Yesterday while I was student leader with Conner we had a video link up with the other student leaders at the other campuses. It was so great to see the other students having such a great time, just like we are! I had such a great time being student leader; I loved telling everyone about my home town during our morning announcements!

Everything here at Snowy is so interesting and fun!! I am having the time of my life and I can’t wait for it to continue!

Isobelle – Kyneton SC




Debbie Gray's Visit Print E-mail
Written by Megan, Snowy River Campus Student, Term 2B 2013   

When I heard Debbie Gray was coming into the Snowy River Campus on Sunday I was so excited. From the moment she walked in I was inspired.

Debbie was born without arms and thigh bones, but she never let that stop her from doing anything. She has lived her life to the fullest. She has sky dived, had a baby, and much more! She has worked with the local surf club and raised a heap of money to them buy a new buggy.

Deb is the loveliest person and shared many stories and life lessons. Some of the things she said that really inspired me were: “if you wake up every day and think, hey, what can I do for someone else, you will get so much more satisfaction out of life” and “you get what you give”. Debbie taught us a theory that if you wake up and you feel like things couldn’t get worse, you should go to a mirror and just smile. It hits a nerve and sends a signal to the brain and the serotonin makes you feel better. Debbie and other people with difabilities are sick of people judging them before they know her. She can drink tea, write and do just about anything we can do. I learnt so much from Debbie and she has made me think twice about saying I can’t do something or it’s too hard because as Deb said, we can do anything.

Megan - Wangaratta




Half Day Ride Print E-mail
Written by Louise, Snowy River Campus Student, Term 2B 2013   

Half Day RideYesterday, my expo group 2B went on the half day bike ride. We travelled along Marlo Plains Road. It was harder than I thought it would be but I had fun.

We rode along the main road for a kilometre or two then we turned down another road and that turned into a dirt road very fast. It was bumpy on the dirt road because of all the big rocks.

When we stopped for morning tea a beautiful black horse came up to us. Molly fed it some apple and we all patted it but it liked Mitch the most, he’s a bit of a horse whisperer.

On the way home, we went down a huge hill to Point Ricardo. We sat there for a few minutes and then we had to ride back up the hill, not fun. Overall, the sun was shining and everyone had fun so that’s the main thing.

By Louise - Maffra SC




Zoe's Day Print E-mail
Written by Zoe, Snowy River Campus Student, Term 2B 2013   

Friday my expo group (1B) had Beliefs & Values first. We talked about some heavy topics such as racism, body image, gay marriage, and abortion. It was really interesting to hear everyone’s opinions and their ‘beliefs & values’.

After lunch we had our first surfing lesson. I was really excited to surf because I’d never done it before. We all put on wetsuits and headed to Cape Conran. We learnt the basics on the sand before testing our skills in the water. It was quite cold and windy but the wetsuits kept us warm in the waves. At one point it even rained. Being in the ocean was fantastic! I love the beach. By the end of the session most of us had stood up on our boards for at least a few seconds. It took me a huge number of tries to stand up, and on my very last wave, I did! Just shows how persistence and resilience really pay off! It was a bit awkward getting changed out of our wetsuits in the bushes afterwards, but it was all fun! Surfing is definitely one of my favourite experiences at Snowy so far.

Zoe - Wangaratta




Connor's Cool Coop Up of the Day Print E-mail
Written by Connor, Snowy River Campus Student, Term 2B 2013   

Hey guy and girls, Connor here!

Now what happens now is we tell you about what has happened around the SRC today and maybe yesterday if you’re lucky.

Today my expo group (2B, YAY!) managed to get on with photography, which if anyone who is reading this finds it interesting, do it. Not only do you get to be creative in what you can take a picture of, but you get to make your own story with pictures. Now this was done down on the beach at Cape Conran, the crew had heaps of fun shooting at the rock peaks and down in the water, getting their hands dirty trying to get the perfect shots and waiting for the time a crow flies over your head.

After that was more of the theory classes. 2B ended up doing their third passport class in a row, not that it is bad. Most of the time work towards the passport was productive and energetic, but others some people managed to sing to the music they were hearing and laughing about each other’s voices.

Now comes the time where I have to bid you farewell and goodbye, sorrowfully and get back to having fun down at the SRC.

Enjoy yourselves,

By Connor- Red Cliffs Secondary




A Successful Learning Day Print E-mail
Written by Sophie and Lochie, Snowy River Campus Students, Term 2B 2013   

Hi my name is Sophie and I’m from Melbourne Girls College in Richmond. Yesterday, Lochie and I were Student Leaders. It was a great day overall, especially as we were leading the Snowy River community. My two classes of the day were Thinking and Learning 2&3 and Passport 1. In Thinking and Learning, it was our second lesson, and we further discussed our preferred quadrant we use of the brain. We also got set an individual challenge which was really confusing, but then we got put into groups to complete it, and it made it much easier. Passport 1 was the first lesson following our Intro to Passports the night before. Passports are our journey at Snowy River Campus that we have to work on throughout the duration of our stay here. Both lessons of the day were really interesting, and I feel I’m learning more here every day.

Hi, I’m Lochie. All day I had CLP intro, it was a fun, yet successful day. Our CLP teams are the schools that we came to Snowy River with. I’m from Horsham College and our CLP is assisting year 6’s with the transition to year 7. To do this we are hoping to travel to various primary schools and talk to them about our own experiences while sharing a video about what it’s like beginning year 7. We will also talk to them about the opportunities available at Horsham College.

Our day as student leader was very successful and organised. We felt that our personal and community goals were all achieved and that we lead by example for future student leaders.

By Sophie, Melbourne Girls' College and Lochie, Horsham College




Keepin' It Clean Print E-mail
Written by Ella and Matthew, Snowy River Campus Students, Term 2B 2013   

Yesterday we did the safe food handling course with Mrs Hock. She taught us how to keep our kitchen areas clean without contaminating the food. We were also taught about the three different kinds of contamination:

  • Physical- hair, fingernails, bugs (eww)
  • Chemical- Rhubarb leaves, sanitisers, spray cleaners and green potatoes!
  • Microbial- Salmonella, Staphylococcus and E. Coli

We learnt the importance of keeping any food related place spotless, as in some cases food poisoning can cause death!

At the end of the course, we completed an exam on food safety and we all passed with flying colours! This was a TAFE exam, which means that we can get our “nationally accredited food safety certificate”. This will really help us to get jobs in the hospitality industry or while we are just starting off. It will make getting a job a whole lot easier and this way we can start earning our own money and being more independent! I am really glad we did this course because I know it will be very useful in the future when cooking healthy, safe meals for our family and friends.

Ella - Melbourne Girls College

My safe food handling day was amazing, I got my Level 1 certificate in safe food handling and it was a good experience which I will never forget! As a student leader I had a big responsibility and I believe it went very well as everybody was respectful and didn’t speak when asked not to.

Ms Hock was our trainers’ name and she did a really good job in just 1 day to help everybody pass the exam. She taught us skills we will have for life and helped us get a very useful certificate which will help us get jobs in the future.

So far my time at Snowy River Campus has been a very memorable experience and I am having the best time, I have made so many new friends for life and they are all great!

Matthew- Red Cliffs




Inspirational Debbi Gray Visits Snowy River Campus Print E-mail
Written by Tom, Snowy River Campus Student, Term 2B 2013   

Debbi Gray came to the Snowy River Campus yesterday, on the day that I was student leader! It was awesome. The glow and the energy that she emitted were incredible, and she inspired a lot of us. I should start this off by briefly saying who Debbi is. Debbi is a woman who was born without arms… none what so ever, this meant that she had to learn to live life without hands, but with feet instead. She stated that when she was little, her mother’s friend dropped by with a present for the baby… a rattle, she had no clue that the child was born without arms, but Debbi, as a baby, reached up with her feet and grabbed the rattle, just like you or me would have with arms, she did with feet.

Debbi talked to us all about her life, living without arms, becoming a mother, a rally car driver and going skydiving, all against the odds of her ever achieving anything without special assistance. She also spoke to us about the discrimination and the bullying that she received at school, and in the workplace, which was monumental, compared to any of us.

Debbi inspired tolerance in all of us. She proved yesterday that we can’t judge or assume anything in anyone. And for that I thank Debbi.

Tom - Maffra Secondary College




First Rest Day! Print E-mail
Written by Ash and Caleb, Snowy River Campus Students, Term 2B 2013   

First Rest Day

Well yesterday was our first rest day. So we decided to go on a massive bike ride around Marlo. We rode downhill, uphill, down and upstairs and even through sand, WOW! We ended riding a whopping 19km! Our group of fourteen students and two teachers left on our journey at around 1:30pm and returned 4:45. As fun as this ride was, we also had a few setbacks as one of the bicycles chains snapped completely in half and another bike also lost its derailleur. Even though it was very wet, slippery and humid, the bike ride was an amazing adventure and the scenery was impeccable.

While the fourteen of us were out cycling the others stayed back and watched Shrek 2 as they weren’t so keen to be out in the rain. They also played little indoor games. But in the end the others couldn’t handle the temptation of not going outside so they decided to go on a big hike around campus and through the bush, making a new track now named the ‘Mimdog Track’ which they very much enjoyed! So our very first rest day was a great success full of lots of fun and joy! Big thanks to the teachers!

By Ash - Echuca College and Caleb - Maffra Secondary College


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School For Student Leadership

School for Student Leadership is a Victorian Department of Education and Training (DET) initiative offering a unique residential education experience for year nine students. The curriculum focuses on personal development and team learning projects sourced from students' home regions. There are four campuses in iconic locations across Victoria. The Alpine School Campus is located at Dinner Plain in the Victorian Alps. Snowy River Campus is near the mouth of the Snowy River at Marlo in east Gippsland. The third site is adjacent to Mount Noorat near Camperdown in Victoria’s Western District, and is called Gnurad-Gundidj. After consultation with the local aboriginal community, this name represents both the indigenous name of the local area and an interpretation of the statement "belonging to this place". Our fourth and newest campus, currently known as the Don Valley Campus is located at Don Valley, Yarra Ranges.
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