A Minute to Win It Print
Written by Jake, Snowy River Campus Student, Term 2a 2013   

Yesterday I was student leader I was very nervous at the start but I got into a comfortable position and took it away from there. Yesterday was a very exciting day in the morning I had peer skills 3 what we did in that was talk about rock and water, which is rock being stressed and forcing and water being flexible and passive. We also talked about conflict and it meant to us for me it meant two people who have two very different opinions and differences they lack trust and try and be the more dominant person. That also involved talking about if is good or if it is bad I said that it is both it can be good for sorting out things but it can be bad if the conflict gets really bad then in can lead to physical violence and abuse, it all depends on the person and what type of personality they have.

In the afternoon we had the Orbost secondary college come out to learn about our CLP as they are doing one as well, we also got some ideas off them which will surely help in our Presentation. It was pretty nerve racking talking in front of them and talking about our CLP’s.

After a wonderful meal our night class was based on Minute to win it activities Charlotte and I hosted the night we played 5 games the first one was ping pong ball challenge it’s where you have a cup in the middle of the table and you have to try and bounce the table tennis ball in the cup with only one bounce 10 points, 2 bounces 5 points, 3 bounces 1 point. The second game we played was called the savoury challenge it is where we had to slide a biscuit that was on our forehead down our face and in to our mouths all without touching it. The third game we played was called the straw challenge you have to blow the ball with a straw from one square to the other without touching it and you have to make it stay in the 30cm by 30cm square for 5 seconds that proved to be the hardest. The fourth game we played was the egg challenge I won’t go into the details I’ll just say this it got very MESSY!!!
Overall the day was very fun and I’m having an awesome time here at Snowy River.

By Jake - Mortlake SC