Living Sustainably Print
Written by Tom and Emily, Snowy River Campus Students, Term 2a 2013   

Living Sustainably

Hi I’m Tom Rogulic and my leadership partner is Emily. Our community goal was to be energy efficient by making sure that everyone turned their lights off in their rooms and that we didn’t waste the fruit.

My group (2B) had surfing in the morning and CLP in the afternoon. At surfing we learnt how to stand up on our board and how to surf on a wave. It was really exciting and fun because most of us had never surfed before and it was a great experience. In our CLP (community learning project) class my school group finished our master plan and we took photos of each other so we could put it on the front page of our master plan.

Tom- Reservoir HS

Hi I’m Emily and I’m from St Helena Secondary College. I was student leader with Tom and it was a great experience to be student leader. For our community goal, there were only 4 rooms that had lights on so it was a pretty good effort. My group (2B) had Sustainable Living and Surfing. For Sustainable living we talked about energy efficiency and how to save water, electricity and the environment. We then went outside and planted tiny trees along the running track. In the afternoon 2A had surfing. We were all really excited to have a go. It was great fun and I’m looking forward to doing it again on Thursday.

Emily – St. Helena SC