CFA BBQ and Beach Activities Print
Written by Rhys and Freya, Snowy River Campus Students, Term 2a 2013   

Today was a rest day so there were proposals to go off campus. One of these was to go the CFA opening to help out with the BBQ. The other one was to go to the beach to swim and play beach games.

For half of the day it was a little bit easier to control everyone because not everyone in the community was at the campus all at once. Today made both of us realise how difficult it was to control 45 talkative kids with not much help from teachers. Our community goal was to get everyone to headcount early and the past student leaders had set that goal before and hadn’t succeeded yet so we decided that if we organised a game 10 or 15 minutes early, people would remembered to go to headcount and would actually WANT to get there earlier. We achieved this goal & got everyone 10 minutes early to play ‘celebrity heads’ and ‘heads down thumbs up’, woooooo! Rhys also took a different approach and told everyone that whoever won the game would be allowed to get lunch first.

Rhys - Camperdown College and Freya- Fitzroy HS