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Written by Shaun and Gabrielle, Snowy River Campus Students, Term 2A 2013   

Hi our names are Shaun Harrington and Gabrielle Welch and it’s been around a week since we have arrived at Snowy River Campus. Our community goal for yesterday was make sure everyone gets to class on time so we don’t run overtime.

Our plan was to round people up 5 minutes before class so we could start head count on time. Gabby and Shaun worked well to achieve this goal by saying to everyone to be ready for class. However, we ran over time because everyone was talking during reflection so that was a minor detour. We then got back on track after evening class. It was a bit annoying because no one was listening to us but we just had to be patient and wait for everyone to listen and we finally got there.

Yesterday everyone was very excited to get their laptops so we could email our families and friends. We are all very excited about this technology so we can contact home and not have to wait a long time to receive and send letters. Gabby and Shaun highly recommend if you get the opportunity to take on this experience you really should. It has only been a week and everyone is getting along really well and having a blast!

Shaun- Lara SC and Gabrielle- St Helena SC,
Term 2A 2013