Friday Blog #4 - Erinn Print

Hi, my name is Erinn Harnden and I go to Wonthaggi Secondary College. I am currently attending the School for Student Leadership at the Snowy River Campus.

My time here so far has been absolutely incredible and I have had so many new and exciting experiences. I have met many new people and made many new friends.

One of my highlights from the past week would definitely be our Coastal Environments class. It was really fun to explore the beach and the rock pools at East and West Cape. It was really interesting to see the different organisms that are native to the Cape Conran area. Another highlight from this week would definitely have to be our Think and Learn class. We got to learn about how everyone’s brains work and about the Hermann Brain Dominance Instrument. This instrument helps to place people in one of four quadrants that categorize their way of thinking. It was really cool to see how my way of thinking differs to that of others.

This week, just as every other week here at the Snowy River Campus, was an amazing adventure and a once in a lifetime opportunity. From doing classes inside to surfing and exploring the coast outside, everything here is interesting and fun. I will treasure every moment I spend here for the rest of my life.