Friday Blog #2 - Sam Print

Hi my name is Sam. Some of the highlights from my week would be Bike Intro for an outdoor class and for an indoor class would be Weebly Intro. On the Bike Intro we went through the safety rules, ABC (air in the wheels, brakes are working and the chain are on and are working). After that we did some tests to see if we can use the bikes and get a feel of them. We rode down the drive way to see if we can do singles and doubles. After we could do that we went down one of the bike trails to get a feel of the bikes and put what we just learnt into action. After we finished the trail we went back to the shed and cleaned down the bikes with a cloth to wipe down all the water and dirt.

In the Weebly Intro we got on to the Weebly site and started to set it up. There were a few things to do like getting all of the tabs right, and picking a theme and a layout. Once we did that we could just get the feel of it. In our own time we have to do a website that shows our time here and we write a reflection for each day.
Something new that I have learnt is that teamwork is key because if there is no team the job can’t be done. In order to complete tasks you need to use communication, respect, patience and make group decisions. I felt I achieved my personal goal. How I did this was to make sure the team was working together.                                                                                                                       

By Sam