Friday Blog #1- Caitlin Print

Hi my name is Caitlin. Highlights from my week would be Orienteering outside and Learning about our Passports. I enjoyed Orienteering because we got to go with different people we hadn’t already talked to and make new friends. In Orienteering we were asked as a team to find various markers around the campus and stamp our sheet. This was a great way to learn more about the surrounding area and where things were. The weather was great that day which enabled us to work more efficiently. While we were undertaking the task our group was involved in conflict but we overcame that and finished the activity. Unfortunately, my team was not the fastest but we all got to know each other better and learn more about the school. During the Passport class we learnt about the application OneNote which I found very easy as I have used it many times before. Even though some people were having trouble it was great to observe everyone helping the people next to them. In that indoor class we were also asked to complete before SSL questions which would help us understand ourselves better and assist us in creating goals in our goal setting class.

Something new that I have learnt is the effectiveness of circles and how they help to include everyone in conversations and let everyone have their say. I believe that I did not complete my personal goals fully this week as there is still room for improvement. However, since I contributed some ideas (one of my goals), I did make steps towards achieving them. Overall I have had a great start to the term and I am looking forward to what’s ahead. 

By Caitlin T