Term 2 2016



Blog #5 - Ellie Print E-mail

Hello! My name’s Eleanor Tomlin, but I prefer to be called Ellie for short. This week has been full of learning, fun and adventure! Yesterday I got to do one of the coolest classes ever, photography! I didn’t really expect it to be as fun as it actually was, I’m usually just used to using a digital camera or my mobile phone when I’m at home. Yesterday we got to use a Manual SLR (single lens reflection) camera. This camera uses film to produce the photos and to get them they need to be made in a dark room or a company will do it for you. The awesome thing about this camera is that the camera will only do what you make it do, this means that if you want the camera to focus on a certain object you twist part of the camera to do so. Other cameras with a motor would focus automatically and potentially won’t focus onto what you would like; this means that the cameras we used produce a much better photo! I’m really excited to see how my photos will turn out and see what my creative juices produced!

This week I completed my first aid course which is very exciting. Over the past weeks we have learnt CPR and taken an exam for it, which I passed :). This week we went over various ways to treat people when something has gone wrong. The fun thing is that we learnt through role plays! In partners or groups of three we did a little bit of research into a certain type of accident, (mine was spinal, facial and eye accidents) then we made a role play of what to do and presented to the class. Watching the role plays was very entertaining and I actually picked up a lot of information from it, the information also really helped me with my first aid test.

Something new that I have learnt this week is to keep those positive thoughts up. After saying goodbye to family on Visiting Weekend I was a little bit home sick again but after setting some mini goals to stay positive, I overcame it. It is so important to keep positive because with a happy mindset, everything gets so much better. After setting myself a goals to be positive I overcame my slight homesickness and have had one of the best weeks yet!





Friday Blog #4 - Erinn Print E-mail

Hi, my name is Erinn Harnden and I go to Wonthaggi Secondary College. I am currently attending the School for Student Leadership at the Snowy River Campus.

My time here so far has been absolutely incredible and I have had so many new and exciting experiences. I have met many new people and made many new friends.

One of my highlights from the past week would definitely be our Coastal Environments class. It was really fun to explore the beach and the rock pools at East and West Cape. It was really interesting to see the different organisms that are native to the Cape Conran area. Another highlight from this week would definitely have to be our Think and Learn class. We got to learn about how everyone’s brains work and about the Hermann Brain Dominance Instrument. This instrument helps to place people in one of four quadrants that categorize their way of thinking. It was really cool to see how my way of thinking differs to that of others.

This week, just as every other week here at the Snowy River Campus, was an amazing adventure and a once in a lifetime opportunity. From doing classes inside to surfing and exploring the coast outside, everything here is interesting and fun. I will treasure every moment I spend here for the rest of my life.




Friday Blog #3- Keishan Print E-mail

My name is Keishan Hunkar. I am 14 years old and attend Doncaster Secondary College.

This week has been amazing. We have done so many fun activities and Core 1 went on their first expo. Some of the highlights from this week have been Bridge Building and the Basic Food Hygiene Course. I really enjoyed the Bridge Building activity because it really helped my team come together to work as a team, instead of individuals, and helped us recognize what positions we take in the team. The Basic Food Hygiene course was awesome because not only did we get to learn things that we may not have known, and shared our knowledge we also had the opportunity to take away a certificate saying that we have completed the course, which we will receive at the end of our time here. We also got to go to the beach this week and had the opportunity to have a swim and take lots of awesome photos.

This week I set a few personal goals but the one I felt was most important was to have a conversation with everyone here and to learn something new about two different people. I managed to learn something new about four people, which made me happy because I was able to go further than the goal I set myself, and I managed to get a decent conversation with everyone.

This week has been an awesome week and I cannot wait for the rest to come ☺




Friday Blog #1- Caitlin Print E-mail

Hi my name is Caitlin. Highlights from my week would be Orienteering outside and Learning about our Passports. I enjoyed Orienteering because we got to go with different people we hadn’t already talked to and make new friends. In Orienteering we were asked as a team to find various markers around the campus and stamp our sheet. This was a great way to learn more about the surrounding area and where things were. The weather was great that day which enabled us to work more efficiently. While we were undertaking the task our group was involved in conflict but we overcame that and finished the activity. Unfortunately, my team was not the fastest but we all got to know each other better and learn more about the school. During the Passport class we learnt about the application OneNote which I found very easy as I have used it many times before. Even though some people were having trouble it was great to observe everyone helping the people next to them. In that indoor class we were also asked to complete before SSL questions which would help us understand ourselves better and assist us in creating goals in our goal setting class.

Something new that I have learnt is the effectiveness of circles and how they help to include everyone in conversations and let everyone have their say. I believe that I did not complete my personal goals fully this week as there is still room for improvement. However, since I contributed some ideas (one of my goals), I did make steps towards achieving them. Overall I have had a great start to the term and I am looking forward to what’s ahead. 

By Caitlin T




Friday Blog #2 - Sam Print E-mail

Hi my name is Sam. Some of the highlights from my week would be Bike Intro for an outdoor class and for an indoor class would be Weebly Intro. On the Bike Intro we went through the safety rules, ABC (air in the wheels, brakes are working and the chain are on and are working). After that we did some tests to see if we can use the bikes and get a feel of them. We rode down the drive way to see if we can do singles and doubles. After we could do that we went down one of the bike trails to get a feel of the bikes and put what we just learnt into action. After we finished the trail we went back to the shed and cleaned down the bikes with a cloth to wipe down all the water and dirt.

In the Weebly Intro we got on to the Weebly site and started to set it up. There were a few things to do like getting all of the tabs right, and picking a theme and a layout. Once we did that we could just get the feel of it. In our own time we have to do a website that shows our time here and we write a reflection for each day.
Something new that I have learnt is that teamwork is key because if there is no team the job can’t be done. In order to complete tasks you need to use communication, respect, patience and make group decisions. I felt I achieved my personal goal. How I did this was to make sure the team was working together.                                                                                                                       

By Sam


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