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It is the last whole day at Snowy, the emotions are very weird some are happy to see their family and others are sad to see every one go.
I will miss all the friends that I have made here and the staff that always has our back
My snowy experience has been amazing and I wish 2015 term 3 students best of luck with their journey.

William, Snowy River Campus term 2 2015

Today was an alright day we had team closure it was aright it brought back old memories of our team and that was nice. But around campus as Will said they are a bit varied from happy to sad. I think in the long run everyone will look back and see an amazing term. I hope 2A and even the whole school meet up sometime in the future.

Adam, Snowy River Campus Term 2 2015




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Today 1A went Raft-Building. Everyone got dressed in a pirate theme with face-paint, crazy clothes and bandanas. It was a cold day but luckily it didn’t rain and we still had a heap of fun. We decided to go for a modern Catamaran type of raft.

There was some trouble with all the rope lashes and attaching the logs and barrels together, but it obviously paid off as we got an amazing raft in the end that did not tip once and was the best raft Mrs. Francis had seen in 8 years ;) We had to canoe on our raft across the river, and then hop out and walk across the sand dunes. We had a map and that was leading us to our treasure. We found the treasure and it was, of course, a whole block of chocolate. We ate it all on the beach – which was good. When we were trying to climb up the dune a massive landslide came crashing down on and we almost died! Luckily it only took Kali’s water shoe. We canoed back across the river and then had to take apart our amazing raft. It was a great end to our amazing adventure!

By Kali and Bella - Horsham College




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Today 1B had raft building and we had to dress up us pirates and everyone including myself had on a face painted beard. It was cool to see all of the different pirate costumes. We had to build a raft that was able to float and go up stream.

We made a kind of good raft. We think that because when we put it on the water it floated but had like a bit of water in it and it didn’t sink which was good.

We had to solve a riddle that lead us to under the board walk. Under the board walk we found a couple more papers that had another riddle on it (this one easier than the other one). We went up the sand dunes and ended up at a sand dune that was overlooking the beach and ocean. We found the cross and the treasure ended up being a block of crunchy chocolate and a letter from our teachers Ms. Merritt and Mr. Den Otter. The letter we think was a good way to end the term since this is our last 1B team activity that we were doing only with each other.

After we got the chocolate and letter we went down the sand dune and sat on the beach. Before we took a bite of our chocolate we had to say what our most favorite experience here was. After we ate our chocolate we went back up the sand dune and down the sand dunes and paddled back to where we started. 

By Jessy and Corey –Kaniva College




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Formal Night - Term 2 Reflections

We had formal night. It was great to see everyone get dressed up and having lots of fun. The dinner was arranged by the cooking committee, we also got dessert! Evening class was run by the music committee. In the evening class we had karaoke, which was really fun, there were lots of funny acts which was great to watch. We also had a formal dance, it was fun to dance around and have fun with all of my friends.

Chloe P – Horsham College





Chloe's Journey #latergram - Term 2 Print E-mail

I cannot believe that I am going home this Saturday! I mean as ready as I am for home I have grown to love this place. Being here has done so much for me and knowing that I have to leave is really sad! I have found myself here and as crazy as that sound I really have! I have found confidence, stepped out of my comfort zone and challenged myself so much here and I am really going to miss this place! Everything has been really busy here lately whether it has been finishing T-shirts and passports or starting to pack. I guess that going home is going to be scary and I feel like I did when I was first coming here to Snowy!

Chloe M, Snowy River Campus Student, Term 2 2015

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