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Claudia and Harry - Students Leaders

Quote of the day: ‘Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much’.

Today for both of us it was our last time as being Student Leader. This experience was a terrific, fun and exciting experience that we have enjoyed and will cherish forever. During the day the entire Campus had CLP 9 (Community learning project) and then CLP rehearsals. This was fun for everyone as we finally got to share with everyone our amazing CLP presentations. At lunch we had to hand it over to the other student leaders that were practising for tomorrow’s big event. We were all stressed and pumped at the same time as we were waiting sleeplessly for the day of reckoning!

Claudia and Harry




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Yesterday we had an awesome day as Student Leaders, even though we were at Enviro Bike for the day. We rode 30 km through Marlo Plains and had a good look at logging coups. We learned about leaf debris and how it affects water flow, and logging procedures over the years. We mixed things up a bit at Community Walk, and walked through multiple paddocks, which was interesting and an adventure. At dinner, we split our peers into tables grouped with people from the same birth month.

The highlight of the day was running Core One’s ‘Minute to Win it’, which we did successfully. We did different activities, such as eating dry Weet-Bix and whistling and throwing bean bags into hoops blindfolded. Overall, our day was really successful, and everybody had a good time.

It was a perfect second-time at being Student Leader for both of us!

Ally and Justice




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Yesterday I was away at Water Watch all day checking out the critters in the river to gauge how healthy it is. Anyway, the time I did have at SRC as student leader was pretty good, except for morning headcount at breakfast because Nadine and I just suddenly forgot what to say and there was an awkward silence for a bit. Evening class was really good; we had Jill Redwood in to talk to us about sustainability and how she lives a sustainable life. I think everyone got heaps out of her as a guest speaker because she answered all our questions and was good to talk to. Overall, being a student leader for the final time was a great experience and it really helped build my leadership skills and confidence.

Bo (17/06/2014)




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On the 15th of June, I was Student Leader.  For me it was a great day to be Student Leader, not only because we had a music work shop with a guy called Nick, but we also had T.O.A.S.T all day. T.O.A.S.T stands for Teach Others A Skill or Talent. So as you can guess we lessons ranging  from Taekwondo to Knitting to things like Basket Weaving and Photography. It was great because you didn’t just have the teachers teaching the skills to the kids, but you had the students teaching the class. At first it was a bit different, but then once we got used to it, it was quite great. I enjoyed doing different classes and learning new skills, and I’m pretty sure other kids did too.


I want to go back to Robinvale and be able to organise a day just like T.O.A.S.T  because we have a lot of talent back home , and I’m sure a lot of the students and teachers would enjoy it. So overall it was a perfect day.

 by Indy M. (15/06/2014)

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