The Long and the Tiring Print
Written by Hamish and Bec, Term 2 Snowy Students   

Hamish and Bec - The Long and the TiringWe started off by packing the bikes into the trailer; all twelve of them, then drove out to the logging coupe on Cabbage Tree Palms Track.

We then had a briefing on how the forest company keeps the forest growth sustainable by rotating the harvest in 80 year cycles. We chose our bikes and ate scones and jam for morning tea. We then set off down the road, stopped at cabbage tree to walk, look at the palm trees and to see if we could see a platypus, but we didn’t. We continued down the trail stopping every few kilometres to wait up for the others.

Then we had our first crash, Emmanuel fell off his bike and hurt his knee.

We stopped at the corner of the main road for lunch and afterwards we rode on our first bit of bitumen which was a great relief because it was mostly downhill as well. We turned down a dirt road hoping to see an emu but we didn’t. Then Caylan’s ankle got really bad so she hopped in the bus as well. We hit bitumen again and turned down the driveway and were back before it rained, then it poured!

Hamish & Bec