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Written by Ebony, Snowy Campus Student, Term 2 2011   

EbonyMy time here at Snowy River Campus has been fun and exciting so far. We get taught so much in such a short period of time.

Over the past four weeks I have learnt so much about myself and made so many new friends, and have discovered many more things. We have been bike riding, surfing, and on expo. Time has been flying ever since week one was over. I feel like I been here longer than 5 weeks, my peers are like friends I made way back in primary school.

My personal goal whilst being student leader was speaking loud and clear and the community goal was to play a game of tails. I have been settling in really great here at Snowy River Campus. The food here is amazing and the chefs here are too. I’ve become very healthy here thanks to my diet and I have also been drinking 3 litres of water a day.

The activities I have done so far are bridge building, surfing, canoeing, expo skills and so much more. In bridge building my team thought it was going to be really hard but we got our act together and made our way across with communication towards one another. We made it all the way to the other side to collect our treasure.

Surfing was great, I got to surf really big waves and stand up for my very first time. My favourite would have been canoeing for the fact I got to capsize with my partner into freezing cold water. Expo skills was not overly the best, but I guess we have to know these things for when we headed on out for our expo to Dock Inlet.

My time here at SRC has been an awesome experience for me and I feel the time just seems to fly by here. I hope the next four weeks slow down because I don’t want to leave all these amazing people I have meet here just yet. I definitely noticed a change in me the last couple of weeks since I been here.

This has been a life changing experience and I didn’t really know how much I was going to learn until I got to Snowy River Campus now I know. The effects of all of this has made me into a better person and changed my character so much. think I’ll walk out of here with no regrets. It is definitely a change for the better.

Ebony - Epping Secondary College