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Written by Amelia and Cole, Snowy Students, Term 2 2011   

Yesterday, Cole and I were student leaders. Our community goal was to rearrange all the tables for dinner, to look like it spelt SRC! We were a bit rushed on time, but when we did get the tables arranged it looked good. It was slightly chaotic and panicky (mainly on my behalf), but Cole loved to see everyone tripping out at the new formation.

Last weekend was parent visiting weekend, and already it feels like it has been so long since we saw them. But time is going really fast and already there are only 23 days left. It was great for everyone to see their parents, perfect timing for a break from all of this.

Today 2B went into Orbost for the day for a water watch lesson, the weather had been insanely rainy and windy but settled down a bit for us today. We went to a lagoon off the Snowy River and checked out some of the creatures living there. It was really interesting to see all the biodiversity we got, things like fish, shrimps, mites and spiders were just a few of the things we found.

Tomorrow 2B are going surfing, but driving past the ocean today gave us a look at how wild the waves are, so we might not end up going if things don’t clear up. That will be a shame, as we all really enjoy surfing and have a fun time trying to stand up.

Next week is our second expo, we are all very pumped for that, especially after how well our first expo went. The rain looks like it will continue through next week, but surely we will all find the positive out of hiking in the cold and wet.

This place has been a crazy roller coaster ride, but it’s been really fun and time has just gone so fast. Everyone is on a high and they’re super fun to be around .The experiences and memories we get here are going to last forever.

Amelia and Cole (2B)