Bec's Surfing Day Print
Written by Bec, Snowy Student Term 2 2011   
Bec's Surfing Day

Today I did my CPR exam. We went through all the steps before having a few practices. Then while some people did their test I had to do work on my passport. When I did my test I was a little bit nervous but knew I could do it. I completed the test with ease. After completing it I did some more work on my passport, I was aiming to get as much done as possible.

After class Alanna, Emmanuel, Toni and I went and got our wetsuits. They were really thick, we went inside to try them on. They were tight to put on but comfortable. It was a little hard to move in them too. Then we had lunch- Macaroni with tomato and cheese sauce, it was pretty yum! Then I went and got packed. After headcount we got on the bus and drove all the way down to the beach. It was nice and sunny. We got off the bus and quickly got ready for the beach. When we got down there we felt the water and it was cold. We did star jumps to warm up, and then stretched. Fiona and Pete showed us how to lie on the board without nose diving it. Then we all went out and had a go at riding in on our bellies. After that we all came in and Fiona taught us how to stand on the board. She showed us the basic jump up to your feet way. Then she showed us the other way by jumping up to our knees and stepping up. We got to have a go at trying this on land then in the water. Alanna, Hamish, Tylah, Emmanuel and I all stood up. Alanna, Hamish and I were Pros!

Overall it was a fun day for all. We were all sound asleep that night though.

By Bec, Ararat College