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Written by Hamish and Briana, Term 2 Snowy Students   

Hamish and BrianaToday we met at 8:30 am to pack our food for expo. Then after finally checking that we had everything, we sat down for headcount.

Straight after we all loaded on to the mini bus to get taken to our starting point, the bridge. We then held a group meeting discussing our goals and what we wanted to get out of our expedition. We left the bridge at around 10:30am. We started out on a track with a few steep hills until we got to the beach, where we held a team meeting and had morning tea which was muesli slice. We then kept on walking for a while stopping for a break around every 2km. It was so hard walking on the sand as the sets were quite high on the shore so there was no hard sand for us to walk on.

We stopped at around 12:30pm for lunch, finding a dip in a sand dune to set out our lunch tarp away from the rain, wind and water. It was hard cutting up the tomatoes and salads for our wraps because there was so much rain and the wind was blowing the sand about. After eating our wraps we packed up all our stuff and put the dishes away and placed them back in our packs. We then continued walking; we amused ourselves by singing songs and talking. By that stage of our journey our packs were starting to get extremely heavy and we all had aching shoulders and a few blisters.

We finally saw a post up ahead that indicated we had reached the end of our sand walk. We climbed up the dunes to the wooden post and held a quick team meeting on how we were going to get to our campsite. We took a look at the map which showed us that we had to follow a little track about 700m. It was easier than walking on the sand but there was a lot of fallen trees and sticks we had to go under and over. We then finally made it to our campsite. Mr Bourke showed us how to use the portable toilet. It stunk really badly of the toilet cleaner. We then set up our tent and sleeping bag. Because it was starting to get dark we started cooking our meal. After that was finished and we cooked our dinner we went for a night walk and also had a review before coming back to camp and to sleep.

This expo was very interesting and we are both keen to do the next expo.

Briana and Hamish- 1A


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