Ricki-Lee's Time so Far Print
Written by Ricki-Lee   
Ricki-Lee, Term 2, 2011, Snowy Campus Student

My time here at Snowy River has been really fun and exciting so far.

We get taught so much in such a short amount of time and just in the past 3 weeks I have learnt so much about myself, my new friends here and a whole lot of other things.

We have been surfing, bike riding and on walks. Tomorrow we are doing canoeing which I’m pretty excited about especially capsizing into the water, it should be awesome.

You also learn things at Snowy that you would never learn at any other school like how to talk to your peers when they come to you for help, leadership skills, how to make a formal phone call and so many other things that you will need to know when you get older and are starting a job. The teachers here are not like your usual teachers, they are people who you could really talk to and who you feel safe and comfortable around.

So far there have some pretty memorable moments in my time at SRC. The surfing was amazing, the waves were massive but we weren’t allowed too far out because it was only our first lesson and honestly I’m not too skilled at surfing so that is pretty lucky. Bike riding was also good because it was a rough terrain and we had to go both up and down steep hills which I would usually avoid doing on a bike.. Another thing I have really enjoyed are the community games and the sports matches that we’ve played here. My favourite game so far would have to be silent ninja because it’s always fun to play and watching it is probably equally as fun because the people who get into it make a bit of a fool of themselves.

Yesterday I was student leader and my community goal was to get everybody to wear Fancy Dress to dinner. It went really well and a couple of us went all out to get dressed up which was really fun to do and to see what other people wore was funny as. I went as a tradie/mechanic person with mascara and eye shadow on my face for dirt and grease, my work boots and pants and Mr. Adams fluro bike vest. The boys all decided they would try to dress up nice and wore a nice shirt and some even wore ties.. Jesse O wore his whole outfit back to front (except his undies) and I thought it was pretty creative, I would have never thought to do that.

In all the last 3 weeks I have definitely seen a change in how I act. It’s weird because I knew that the people who have gone here thought it was a ‘life changing’ experience but I didn’t really know how much the things you learn here can affect the character of who you are and the way you live your life.. It’s definitely a change for the better.