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Today we had a guest speaker and his name was Barry Heard.
He fought in the Vietnam War and he talked to us about the time he spent in Vietnam. I was amazed by what he talked about and what he did while serving his country.

We liked how he didn’t hold back with the bad and the ugly because we are year nine’s and just got to the point and told what exactly happened. We found his talk very inspirational and admired how he could talk about it. We both plan on reading one of his books in the near future.

Another highlight of our day was having a HDTV link up with Cann River. We talked to possibly future Snowy students at SRC. They asked us lots of different questions about the Snowy River Campus and what it was like to live here for 9 weeks! We suggested they take the opportunity because the friends you make here aren’t like any other.

It’s only 11 days to go we are planning on making the most of the rest of our experience here even though we both can’t wait to get home. Matt and Alex out