My Canoeing Experience Print

Today I had my first canoeing lesson of the term. I’d only been canoeing once before that and that was at school camp. I wasn’t very good but there is loads of room for improvement. Canoeing is one of the many things I’ve learnt so far at SRC. It’s so much fun and enjoyable for everyone. It gets a bit frustrating when you paddle stronger than the other person... canoe goes the wrong way.

It’s really good when the teachers sacrifice their warmth to make us capsize, especially Mr. Gladstone and Mr. Quin.  They taught us how to get back into the canoe after a capsize, they show you how to paddle and how to have a great time on the canoes. Everyone spent most of their time trying to splash Mr. Quin or Peter. The water was absolutely freezing! I would hate to capsize when we go on expo.  When it came to capsizing everyone was mopping around. After Mark and Logan showed us how to capsize in style, everyone wanted a try. When it was my go with Mia, we couldn’t get the canoe to tip! But when it did Mia started screaming because she thought something was going to eat her or touch her. It was one of the funniest experiences so far. When it comes to expo I’m going to have to keep my camera on standby for when Logan and Mark capsize and Logan screams like a little girl.  Canoeing would have to be one of my favourite activities. After today’s lesson I think I’m getting way better and it should be good when we go on expo, if I don’t capsize!
Well, that was my experience, catch ya guys
Morgan- Yarrawonga SC