Expo Prep Print

 Tomorrow team 1A will go on expo to Mt Raymond with the liaison teachers from both Mt Beauty and St Albans and the expo consist of a few km hiking then about 9 canoeing on the first day.


Today we packed for expo and for some reason- a lot of my clothes had to be washed, so in between class I had to race around to the washing machines and dryers, constantly checking the clothes. I am all set for expo now, but I think it’s a bit soon since yesterday was parent visiting weekend. My brother, mother, father, uncle, aunty, and 2 cousins came. It wasn’t many people but it was pretty cool. My family stayed in Lakes Entrance and we stayed in a Deluxe Cabin with a plasma screen TV! I didn’t really do much, except go for a few walks, usually with my older brother. The first day back has made it feel like normal routine and has been pretty routine, except for the fact that 1 core had half a day of whilst the other had to work diligently whilst others where distracting.