Canoeing the Yeerung Print
Ashley canoeing with 1AHey guys, I’m Ashley from Mt Beauty SC. I am enjoying my time here at the Snowy River Campus. One of the highlights for me would have to be yesterdays’ class ‘Intro to Canoes’. At the start of the day most of us were struggling with the paddling but the teachers (Mr Morton & Miss Merritt) taught us some new strokes to help with our paddling.

When we were heading to the lunch spot near the beach most of us were pretty confident with the canoes but there were still some that needed improving. We had lunch at the beach overlooking the ocean. Me and my two mates found a lookout that had a spectacular view over the Yeerung River which was where we paddled and also the ocean.
On our trip back the students were coaching each other and everyone was doing a lot better. We had to capsize the canoes at the end of the day and the water was quite cold. I swam the canoe as fast as I could to the edge to get out of the water. I had forgotten my aqua shoes so I had to wear my wet shoes all the way home.