Photography with David Tatnall Print

For evening class on Thursday the 14th we had a professional photographer, David Tatnall, come to the SRC and do a presentation on his work. He showed photos he had taken all over the world and explained a lot about them.

Then today he took us out with the schools’ 4 film cameras to Needle Rocks to do some photography ourselves which I thought was awesome. We learnt how to use all the settings on the camera and were soon out getting photos of the massive waves and the eroded rocks. I thought the work that David Tatnall did was amazing and ended up talking to him heaps about different places he had been and how he got into photography. I loved being out there in the waves and finding small, unique things to take photos of that I would of probably just walked straight past any other day. I have always enjoyed taking photos of interesting things but never do it at home, so this was definitely a very exciting day for me. Then just like that it was time to head back to the SRC! I really wanted to stay out there and learn more but unfortunately it was time for the other groups to make the most of this amazing opportunity.

By Josephine