Term 2 2010



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Today we had a guest speaker and his name was Barry Heard.
He fought in the Vietnam War and he talked to us about the time he spent in Vietnam. I was amazed by what he talked about and what he did while serving his country.

We liked how he didn’t hold back with the bad and the ugly because we are year nine’s and just got to the point and told what exactly happened. We found his talk very inspirational and admired how he could talk about it. We both plan on reading one of his books in the near future.

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Yoga was very good. I had so much fun, I learnt all these new types of ways to relax myself when I’m stressed or when I have nothing to do. I found out that it can help your body out a lot and it can help you when you get older or frustrated. When I did it, it was very hard but after half an hour it got a lot easier and it made my body feel a lot better but also very tired. So at the end we had an exercise where we rigged ourselves up in a ball and basically relaxed. I fell asleep and when I woke up they scared me, it was very funny. I had so much fun.

The day was excellent and I loved it!




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Today was half a rest day for core 2.  In the morning 2A had Peer skills I learnt how to speak to someone and showed them you’re interested, how to stand out the front and have good body posture. When that class was done we had lunch which was nice. Then for the rest of the day we had a rest day. I sat outside with a few people on my laptop checking emails and getting photos, I watched not even half of a movie “Kicking and Screaming”. The weekend that just pasted was Parent Visiting weekend and I saw everyone. My mum picked me up from the campus and my sisters and dad were waiting for me at the caravan park. We went down to the river and the Pub for lunch. It was really good to see them all. I also had other people visit and they stayed with us, it was great to see them too. Before they dropped me back at the campus I took them to where we surf and do activities, they liked it I hope. Then they dropped me off and it starts all over again. Only 4 weeks left, it’s getting really close. The picture is when we had dress up night; girl’s dressed up as boys and boys as girls.
Shae 2A 



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Today I had my first canoeing lesson of the term. I’d only been canoeing once before that and that was at school camp. I wasn’t very good but there is loads of room for improvement. Canoeing is one of the many things I’ve learnt so far at SRC. It’s so much fun and enjoyable for everyone. It gets a bit frustrating when you paddle stronger than the other person... canoe goes the wrong way.

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Hey it's Peter again,
A few days ago I had expo 2.
We walked from the school to the beach and walked to Frenches Narrows.
There we met 1A and got their canoes, as they were dropped off on Mt Raymond and had to walk back to SRC and paddled to Corringle Beach where we stayed at a campsite and played a few games.
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Ashley canoeing with 1AHey guys, I’m Ashley from Mt Beauty SC. I am enjoying my time here at the Snowy River Campus. One of the highlights for me would have to be yesterdays’ class ‘Intro to Canoes’. At the start of the day most of us were struggling with the paddling but the teachers (Mr Morton & Miss Merritt) taught us some new strokes to help with our paddling.
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 Today 2B had Enviro Bike. We got driven down to a dirt road and we went into an area where the logging used to happen. It was full of dead trees that had been burnt and the ground was all wrecked from the heavy machinery constantly driving over on it.  


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 Tomorrow team 1A will go on expo to Mt Raymond with the liaison teachers from both Mt Beauty and St Albans and the expo consist of a few km hiking then about 9 canoeing on the first day.


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Hey my name’s Tess. I’m from Beechworth Secondary College. Today we had a rest day which was lots of fun. For the first half of my day I read my book outside, relaxed and hung out with friends. For the second half of my day just after head count a small group of us hired out some of the camera’s the school has and took the bus down to Salmon rocks where we walked around everywhere climbing on the big rocks trying to take good photo’s of the water and any other things we might of liked. After being out at Salmon Rocks for a while, we all grouped back together and went for a short walk just around the corner. We stayed for what felt like a short period of time before we headed back to the bus and came back to school. Once we got back to school Stefanie and I were rushed into the meeting room because the Beechworth group (my group) were doing a HD TV link up with our home school and we got to see some of our friends and a couple of the teachers from home. At the end of the day it was a very fun rest day.




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Students from Orbost North 

   Today was one of the big days we had been looking forward to, but also dreading heaps. It was LLP day and after 9 o’clock headcount the race was on to get organised. Each expo group had 3 teams that each had a topic to present to a group of younger students from Orbost North primary school.
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On the 13-5-2010 everyone from the SRC dressed up in their teams theme and got ready to head into Marlo for the annual Marlo Challenge. It started off with everyone sending up one member from each team to write down some hints about some of the pictures the teachers had taken. The pictures had been given a scoring system with the harder ones being given a score of ten and the easier ones were given a one and the others were put in the middle somewhere.

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Hey Im Peter and i’m from Yarrawonga P-12 College.

Today was another rest day and I think I made the most of it.

All I did for the first half of the rest day was listen to some music, chat to people, attempt to play table-tennis and mainly do nothing.

For the second half of the day, my-self and a few others went photographing near Salmon Rocks, East Cape.

The rocks were a beautiful shade of red and I saw a dozen crabs nestled amongst the rocks, and kelp forests everywhere.

We used the SLR cameras that David Tatnell showed us how to work and each of us had a roll of film, each roll took 24 photos, but the detail was amazing and can’t wait to develop them.

After our adventure at the rocks, the group gathered and we set off just round the corner of the rocks, and another set of rocks, bigger and beautiful that the ones we were just at.

These rocks were more dangerous though and many people nearly fell, though one of the group thinks he’s ninja and did awesome jumps across massive crevices that I myself and a few others were just able to make.

Well that just about sums up my day for you.





Photography with David Tatnall Print E-mail

For evening class on Thursday the 14th we had a professional photographer, David Tatnall, come to the SRC and do a presentation on his work. He showed photos he had taken all over the world and explained a lot about them.

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On Friday the 7th of May we had a guest speaker Sergeant Jo Lomas come and speak to us about the dangers on the internet and the ways we can prevent them from happening. The evening started with a HDTV link up with Dinner plain and Gnurad with Jo introducing herself and telling us a little bit about what she does and why she is here.

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Yesterday we went to a theatre performance at 6:20 pm we got there at 6:50pm to 7pm. It was the first time we were able to get out of the campus at night and even better we were told that we would get back at around 10pm!

The performance was called ‘Marry me.... or Back to the Poorhouse’ it was a bit boring at the start but as it continued I was really into it.

This was the first time the campus took all their students to an event like this and I felt proud of being a part of this. Also yesterday was the 10th anniversary of the opening of the S.S.L. A lot of important people came to the open day events and all the students tried their hardest to clean their rooms and organise events for the adults and V.I.P’s.

PS: one of the actor’s was Mr Quin’s dad hehehehe.

Sang- Keilor Downs




Life at Snowy Print E-mail

Today marks our second week since arriving here at Snowy, and even though it’s only been such a short time, I am already having such an incredible time. I am acting like a completely different person, I am doing activities I’ve never imagine doing and thinking in ways I’ve never imagined. I am hiking, eating vegetables, and actually look forward to sport activities.

Today I found myself riding a bike. I haven’t ridden a bike since I was eleven. I’ve discovered that, even though my bike riding skills are a little bit rusty, I still enjoy it as much as I used to when I was eleven. It’s astonishing what you can accomplish when you’re pushed out of your comfort zone.


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Fishing was really good we went there on a bus and it was funny because me and Logan were head banging in the front, it was really funny and exciting.

When we got there it was cold and raining a bit but I was alright. Mr. Quin showed us how to put on a sinker and a hook and we tried to put on our bait but it was a fail. We tried to catch some fish but we couldn’t. We were there for I think 3 hours and we got nothing but it was very fun and very funny. It was good when Matt G thought he caught a fish but I was caught on his rod.

But the day all together was really good.

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 Today we had intro to canoes. I went to class with a positive state of mind all packed and set for a long day of canoeing. After the 9 o’clock headcount we set of on the bus to Yeerung River. When we arrived we quickly went through all the things like safety, people’s experiences and how to unpack the trailer.

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2A at Dock InletToday 2A came back from Expo One, that’s my expo group. On Saturday the 8th 2A left at around 9:10 to start on our journey to Dock Inlet. Dock Inlet is approximately 8km away from where we got dropped off. By the time we started walking towards Dock Inlet it was about 10:10am.

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The third week is almost gone and it feels like it has only been a couple of days. This is probably because I have been having so much fun and time has just been flying past.

We had a rest day a couple of days ago and I definitely love rest days now because we are always so active and it’s nice to have days were you can have a rest. You can do other things if you want but I decided to take the rest option considering the day before I had my first Expo and that was one of the most exhausting things I had ever done!

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Bridge BuildingHeya everyone,
My name is Riana, I’m from Beechworth Secondary College.
I’m in a group called 2A.

It’s been a great first week here for everyone. Especially since we have been to the beach twice already! Some of us have learnt how to do CPR, and the rest will be doing it shortly. We have a CPR test on Thursday. Most of us have also tried bridge building as well, for that we had to construct tripods to go out to a canoe and get treasure. The tripods did have to be stable for all 11 or 12 people to stand on. Another thing we did was orienteering which was great, we all traipsed around the school and two groups made a Snowy River Campus record. 

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Today I had my CPR exam. I was pretty nervous for a bit of it but the exam isn’t too hard.

What we had to do was explain what would happen if we had to do CPR on someone, and what different roles and things were. I wasn’t as nervous because we got to practice with the dummies beforehand, though while I was practicing with the dummy I hurt my wrist again (I’ve hurt it before), and I couldn’t do compressions. The exam was kind of easy; you just had to remember what to do. Our whole group (2A) passed and I still could do the exam even with my sore wrist, I just counted the compressions. I had lots of fun and I enjoyed it heaps. Even though it was an exam our whole group enjoyed it as well.  

Leah, Beechworth




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Hi my name is Jack I am from Euroa Secondary College. I have enjoyed my first week here at the Snowy River Campus.

I have learnt new skills and met a lot of new people from around Victoria. I have completed bridge building which was very interesting and challenging for us to make a bridge as a team and launch it in the water’s edge at the Marlo Angling Club. I have also done GPS navigation which was very fun as we sent our partners on a wild goose chase. I have also just completed the intro to bikes which was really awesome to be able to jump on a bike and do some skills. Then after the teacher (Mr Gladstone) considered us to be good enough we entered zone three into the bush for a wild ride, which I really enjoyed as I like adventurous mountain bike riding.

Great experience at The Snowy River Campus!!!!!


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