Expo Two - A Three Day Expedition from Mt. Raymond Print

Sam MToday I have just got back from a life changing three day expedition from Mt. Raymond all the way back to the Snowy River Campus. 

On the first day we started half way up the back of Mt. Raymond and climbed to the top, then walk all the way down and then jump in a canoe and paddle for 3 hours and then arrived in a paddock to set up camp in pitch black darkness.

On the second day we had a very challenging strong head wind for our 8km paddle. The team was very resilient and pulled through this difficult challenge! Not one member of the team complained which was amazing considering the conditions.

On the third day we canoed another 6 ½km and then walked around 5 km’s back to the school campus. This 28km hike has been very challenging for the 12 students and 3 teachers that have taken part.

Despite the small things like waiting because someone forgot a lifejacket or your tent partner snoring we all had a fantastic time and for me and many others, this has been an amazing experience.

In these expeditions we are all allocated a role such as navigator, camp setup, camp pack-up, dinner clean-up, team organiser, review facilitator, time keeper, the ‘whip’, caterer, welfare, environmental caretaker, hygiene and the medic. I was lucky enough to be chosen as navigator on the last day. As the role of a navigator I literally had to find our way home. I have learnt many new things about using maps and compasses and how they work. On the first day I was Time keeper and on the second day I was the caterer. Everybody had a different role and every role made us take on a different leadership position. This means we have now have learnt many new leadership skills.

The whole of our team has been pushed out of their comfort zone for this expo and as a result we have come back bigger, better and stronger leaders.

Sam M.