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Marlo ChallengeThis story is about the Marlo Challenge. 

It’s a competitive game in which you have to get into teams and take photos of certain things around Marlo. Most people from each team dressed up, and every team had their own dress code. We had 10 minutes to take down notes or draw all the different photos, and then we had to venture around Marlo to take replicas of the photos we wrote down notes of. Different photos were worth a different amount of points; the further away and harder to find photos would get you more points than the closer and easier ones.

Each team was also given the chance to get awarded bonus points if our photo looked nearly or exactly the same as the sample photo. There were 3 zones; zone 1 being the easiest and zone 3 being the hardest.

Marlo ChallengeWe all had a great time competing in the Marlo challenge, and we are all eager to find out who won. For the second half of the day we went for a ride on the paddle steamer, Curlip, which travels around Marlo on the river. We were on that for an hour and half and it was a nice and relaxing end to the chaos in the morning. When that came to an end we all hopped back on the buses and returned to campus.

We have had free time until now; some of us were outside playing sport, Mr. Brown was teaching some students how to knit and others were just hanging around socializing, checking emails and all that sort of stuff.

By Cara Chapple