My Day - Local Learning Project & Peer Skills Print

KarlToday, we went and did our 2nd LLP (Local Learning Project) lesson. I was with Jake, Stuart and Karen. Our topic was on Beware Reef Marine Sanctuary. We did different parts of the LLP. Stuart organized a couple of games, while looking at some marine life that live in the sanctuary. Karen looked at some of the fish in the Sanctuary on the internet. Jake started a PowerPoint with the information he already had, while I did some research on the internet.

In the afternoon, we did Peer Skills. We went in the west wing, and talked about the concerns of adolescent and young adult hood. The most common issues were drugs and alcohol. Then we acted out some examples outside, to get an idea of what it feels like.

I’m starting to miss my home and family.  I don’t think about it that much, because I’ve always got my mind on something else. It has also gone really quick, and already 3 weeks has gone past. It only feels like half of that.

I’m looking forward to going canoeing, the last time I went was in year 7 camp. Our class tried to flip each others canoes by putting weight on one of the sides and pushing down, trying to make it rock. I’m also looking forward to doing our 2nd surfing lesson. I want to be able to stand for at least 3 seconds, without me slipping off and the board hitting my face.

I’m really enjoying the S.R.C. and it’s an experience that will only happen once for me at school. I was excited when I got chosen to go.

By Karl