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CLP DAYOn June 13th we had to present our CLP project. A CLP is a community learning project. 

We presented it to around 107 people including students. My group Pakenham Secondary College were 6th to go up. We did ours in the form of a news presentation; it was on healthy living and eating in young children. All our home school liaison teachers came and some principals came. My teacher and principal came up to watch us and they both said that they were proud with what we had done.

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CLP Afternoon Well it was the big day of the term, we were all under the pump getting ready and prepared for our CLP presentations. A CLP is a community learning project. 

On the side of that I was working out what I was going to talk about and when, with Hayley and I being student leaders. The time reached about twelve o’clock when the guests started arriving and strangely everyone seemed to be calmer and less nervous about the afternoon. Everyone put in a great effort to make the guests feel welcome.


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Rest Day - NewmerellaIt came 6:20am on my alarm when I hit the snooze button. I worked my way out from underneath my sheets to find my knitting needles and wool with half a scarf attached to it. I decided to wait till I heard more movement for breakfast. So I did 7 rows of knitting when I heard the first door open, so off I went to the common room. There I saw Mr Morton and his all mighty workout world crew laying in the middle of the common room doing some sort of exercise, I chuckled to myself watching them in pain while I ate my peanut butter toast and drank my apple juice.

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Visit to Newmerella Primary Today at the Snowy River Campus we had a rest day in which we planned a trip to Newmerella Primary School since they had attended our LLP Day and wanted us to go to their school this time and look at their projects.

The drive was long and beautiful because it had rained in the morning so everything was so green and wonderful as we drove alongside the paddocks.



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Caving in the Buchan Caves Print E-mail

Caving at The Buchan CavesToday 1A and 1B went caving in the Buchan Caves. We all left at 8am in the morning and I used the hour long bus trip to get some sleep. I don’t know about everyone else, but waking up at 6:30am everyday really isn’t my thing and I’ll be really glad when I can sleep in again.
So once we got to the Buchan Reserve, we looked around in the Visitor’s Centre and the gift shop. It was really cold outside and I didn’t have the brains to bring a jacket, so to keep warm I put on my yellow overalls and I wasn’t feeling too happy about that, because I don’t look so great in yellow. But I felt better when everyone else was jumping around the place in their yellow overalls.
Eventually our tour guide Marie came and the other group left for the ‘dirty’ cave (We had a rock off to see who was going where. Thank god my group got the clean cave). We met Marie at the entrance to the cave and went downstairs into the cave.

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Caving was Amazing Print E-mail

Today was a miserable day to start off with half of us woken up through the night because of the rain and hail falling on the tin roof. Then core one set off on their 1 hour road trip down to the Buchan caves. All dressed in our fireman out fits we were as we split into 2 groups. My group went to the dirty muddy cave first which was in the middle of a paddock. We climbed through a hole as big as a basket ball ring and then we ventured on from there.

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Expo Two - A Three Day Expedition from Mt. Raymond Print E-mail

Sam MToday I have just got back from a life changing three day expedition from Mt. Raymond all the way back to the Snowy River Campus. 

On the first day we started half way up the back of Mt. Raymond and climbed to the top, then walk all the way down and then jump in a canoe and paddle for 3 hours and then arrived in a paddock to set up camp in pitch black darkness. On the second day we had a very challenging strong head wind for our 8km paddle. The team was very resilient and pulled through this difficult challenge!

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1B Yoga on Sunday Print E-mail

Adam - YogaIn the afternoon lesson we had yoga. We walked over to the aerodrome were the lesson was going to take place. At first I thought that it was going to be boring because I like playing sports that involve a lot of running and just being on my feet. When we got to the aerodrome we got stuck straight into the lesson and as we got more and more into the lesson I really started to like it because it was really relaxing and it actually made me sweat a bit and I didn’t realize how flexible I was until then. To be honest I thought that I was pretty good at it. At the end class instructor ‘Bob’ went around and asked us what we thought of the lesson and everyone said that they enjoyed it.  Bob said that I was really flexible and that made me feel really happy. I would really like to do it again sometime in the near future because I really enjoyed it.

By Adam




Expo Two Print E-mail

Out on Expo 2DAY ONE!

Friday morning I woke with butterflies in my stomach. I was mega excited as I knew 2A were leaving for Expo. I had a bit of a sleep in, because you don’t get much sleep on expo, but never mind. We left the school at about 9.30am and got driven about 2/3 of the way up Mount Raymond. We were then dropped off, and Expo two had begun. The first day was actually the hardest for me, so I’m glad we got it over and done with first.  We had walked about 500m, when we were given the option to take a shorter but steeper track, or to keep on the road. We chose to go up the steeper way. What silly kids we were, it was extremely challenging, but extremely rewarding. Getting to the top of Mount Raymond was such an achievement for me. How many year 9 students can say they have climbed to the top of a mountain?

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1B Yoga Print E-mail

YogaOn the 6th of June, IB had a yoga class. It was in the afternoon and the sun was shining. Mr Gladstone walked with us from SRC campus, all the way to the aerodrome. We entered the building, wearing trackies and other loose clothing and were greeted by the smell of lavender. Our instructor, Bob, gave us each a mat, a sheep skin rug and a rubber block. We were all expecting yoga to be a peaceful relaxing time but each of us were pushed to our limits. We stretched things we’d never stretched before and went places none of us thought we would.

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An Evening Movie - Beyond Sorry Print E-mail

Jamie-leeFor evening class we watched a movie called Beyond Sorry which was based on a true story.

I’m Jamie-lee I have an indigenous background. I watched “Beyond Sorry” and it made me feel sorry for them because they got taken away from their family and they never got to learn about their aboriginal ways and it makes me feel that I want to learn about my indigenous culture. I want to learn more about my family and who they were and where they came from.

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Enviro Bike Ride Print E-mail

Jayden - Enviro Bike RideToday we started our day with a drive out to a logging coupe near Cabbage Tree Palms. We got to our destination at the logging coupe, we got out and heard the birds whistling and chirping. We went for a little walk to the middle where we had a talk. We set off to explore the coupe and saw lots of charcoal and dead trees.

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Marlo Challenge Print E-mail

Marlo ChallengeThis story is about the Marlo Challenge. It’s a competitive game in which you have to get into teams and take photos of certain things around Marlo. Most people from each team dressed up, and every team had their own dress code. We had 10 minutes to take down notes or draw all the different photos, and then we had to venture around Marlo to take replicas of the photos we wrote down notes of. Different photos were worth a different amount of points; the further away and harder to find photos would get you more points than the closer and easier ones.

Each team was also given the chance to get awarded bonus points if our photo looked nearly or exactly the same as the sample photo. There were 3 zones; zone 1 being the easiest and zone 3 being the hardest.

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Cool Dude Surfing Print E-mail

Cool dude surfingToday we started off in the morning by going surfing for the second time at Cape Conran. We had to pack all of the surfboards and our helmets on the trailer before we went to the beach. When we arrived we got our surfboards off of the trailer and carried them down to the beach. We then took our surfboards into the water and swam out into the cold water to catch some big waves. I got to stand up 5 times while I was at surfing and had so much fun in the water.

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Deb Gray - Guest Speaker Print E-mail

Deb Gray is a proud mother of one and has raised her by her self with no husband. She has driven from Melbourne to Darwin in a bash car, gone sky diving and has done all of these things with no arms and 2 deformed legs and only standing 3ft and 8 ½ inches tall. She was born in 1957 and was born with no arms, 2 legs with no knee in her right leg and with a knee in the other but only with a 3 inch thigh bone. Her mother gave birth to her in 1957 and Deb is believed to be a Thalidomide baby.

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My Day - Local Learning Project & Peer Skills Print E-mail

KarlToday, we went and did our 2nd LLP (Local Learning Project) lesson. I was with Jake, Stuart and Karen. Our topic was on Beware Reef Marine Sanctuary. We did different parts of the LLP. Stuart organized a couple of games, while looking at some marine life that live in the sanctuary. Karen looked at some of the fish in the Sanctuary on the internet. Jake started a PowerPoint with the information he already had, while I did some research on the internet.

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