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Quote of the Day

"If one day the speed kills me, don't cry because I was smiling. " ~ Paul Walker ‚Äč

am class

For the am class today I had first aid scenarios which was a lot of fun. In that class we had to divide into two groups and we just split the room up into two groups and they were our teams. We had to choose what the emergency was and we got props to use as well just to make it more realistic and once we had done all of that the other group had to come and save us all. But they all so had to choose which ones needed to be saved first. Our emergency that we chose was a car crash into a bus which was a lot of fun to do and in that I broke my leg and I was distracting everybody. I was hopping around every body and being a pain which was a lot of fun. In the end I got spear tackled four times by three different people which was funny and when we all got saved and the play was over we switched roles. The other group had to come up with an emergency and they chose a massive gas leak and that was a lot of fun to do. First we came as a group and figured out who we would save first and then then split. We went with a partner and then we had to go save people and it was crazy. There were burnt people, people missing limbs and a heap of other things. So once we fixed them up we all had to clean everything like the fake wounds and all the other props as well.

pm class

For our pm class we had personal prep and in that class all we did was finish off work which was good to have. I worked on my passport and started to clean all the clothes that we were given at the start. I was doing my passport for about an hour or so then I was cleaning my room for a bit and then I did my washing. That was about all I did in the class so I was happy and I also listened to some music. We were also allowed to download the stuff off our computers like all the photos and that other stuff which was good. Because I was student leader today a kid called Jack and I (not Jack Lehmann) another kid called Jack and we did some games for our community goal. I think that was a lot of fun and when we got to the third game which was tug of war we sort of broke two ropes which was funny to watch. I was the judge with Jack and we had two games going at once which was good and at the end everyone was happy and we got to go outside and play some games. so that was my day. 

By Jordan- Mortlake