Jake's Ate Steps to Leadership Print

Quote of the Day:

“Look out for those who look out for you. Loyalty is everything.” ~ Conor McGregor (Ultimate Fighting Champion)

Morning class: Reintegration Day/Final Comments- in this class we talked about how we felt about going home. We did a few activities where we got a question and we were put in groups to answer them. We also answered questions for what we predict our future to be in 10 years. We also did a run through of the departure ceremony and worked out what we are saying.

Afternoon class: Great Race- we did our final expo team challenge. We went around the school and did 12 activities which involved teamwork. Some of the activities included; setting up a tent with a blindfold on, climbing under things, setting up a wooden tripod with logs and my personal favorite where we climb under a rubber fence with the sprinkler on so it was muddy. No teams got around to completing all activities but they all gave it their best shot which was great to see.

Last night’s class: Leadership Options- we had a class where our principal Mr. Reeves talked to us about the different paths we could choose for our future. He also talked about the ate steps of leadership. Yes, you read that last part correctly. The ate steps of leadership were aviate which is to know what you are doing, navigate which is to know where you are going and communicate which is about talking. He compared being a leader to flying a plane as you need to know what you are doing. He also said that the most important thing about being a leader is listening to others. We also wrote a letter to ourselves about going home which we will get in term 2. At the end of the class he said that we could now “sleep the sleep of the just and the good” which meant something about justice or something. It was a good class to listen to.

Spirit Spot: The sky is bright blue with a few clouds. The sun is shining over the sand. It is hot but there are light winds blowing. The ocean is very blue and the waves are of a medium height. Birds are tweeting. My spirit spot has always been peaceful for me and I will be sad to leave it behind.

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