Term 1 2015



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Today we had Nick come in and teach us some percussion. We learnt some beats on the drums and rhythms on the tambourines. Nick showed us some body beats that were made from hitting our body, clapping and clicking. It was really interesting and a good change to normal classes. We all had turns on tambourines, cow bell and drums. It was loads of fun and everybody got heaps out of the awesome class, even though it was freezing everyone joined in.
Good job every one.
We would like to thank Nick for an awesome music class.
Thanks Nick

By Samuel - Northcote HS and Phoebe-Wonthaggi SC




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Today we had a really chillaxing day.
1A had CLP 6, which was a lesson on Presenting. We used this time wisely and printed off our Master Plan and planned our presentations for CLP day.
After that we had a relaxing session of yoga, after many painful stretches we spent the last thirty minutes doing a relaxation class.
Tomorrow we have busy time and we will get started on the volley ball court.
1B had Busy Time where many of us were doing many useful jobs around the campus like sweeping the big shed for fifty five minutes STRAIGHT and doing building projects.
After that we had conflict resolution where we learnt about resolving conflicts, this will be very useful in the future.
Prina leant that she was an accommodating teddy bear.
Tomorrow we have relaxation and first aid scenarios.
2A had First Aid where they learnt how to treat someone with a first aid issue; they are now going through test results.
Tomorrow 2B will return from expo and we can’t wait to reunite with them and be whole again.
Overall we have had a wonderful, successful and productive day which is helpful for the community.

By Helsen- Diamond Valley College and Prina- Viewbank College




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Today we had busy time and 1A students helped out with sanding and lacquering the outdoor picnic benches, helped chop up one of the fallen trees near zone 3 or helped create a volleyball court next to the existing basketball court. Giving back to the school we’ve lived in for 6 weeks felt good and we all enjoyed ourselves whilst we did it. Students helped cut up an old sewage pipe and dig holes on the oval to put them in. This along with the concrete mixture also mixed by the students, will help hold up the net when the grass court is complete.

Kathryn- Diamond Valley College




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This week all of the expo teams had their last surf lesson at East Cape. Everyone was excited to get back in the water as surfing is an activity enjoyed by all.

The day’s lesson consisted of a final test/assessment. As for myself (Michael), I knew straight away that I would barely scrape past getting the level one assessment let alone get to the level two assessment. As well as shooting the tubes, most people got to do their first board rescue. Thankfully there were people who were smart enough to know that kicking side on will get you nowhere and the right way is to have the heavier person lying on the back of the board and the lighter person at the back. A great experience was when a wave crashed on top of Helsen and I and then we caught the wave in with extreme skill. That’s totally what we meant to do. It was a great day.

Today when my group (Grace, 2A) went out the water was REALLY dumpy. The swell was huge and the waves had steep drops. We all managed to stand up a few times and Mollie M did amazingly. I think I probably got a one for assessment as getting up was hard. After doing a board rescue with Mollie M, we decided to try out some tandem surfing. Although we only stood up once and nose-dived quite a lot, it was a good laugh and we had fun. Due to the waves smashing us and the crabs attacking out feet we decided to use the last 30-40 minutes to have a swim. It was a very enjoyable last surf session.

Grace – Northcote High School, Michael – Wonthaggi Secondary College.




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TOAST and Expo 2

Yesterday, we ran what is called TOAST. It stands for Teach Others A Skill or Talent, and was an opportunity to teach our peers something we’re passionate about. I chose dancing, specifically Ballet, because it’s something I’m passionate about and I want others to try and experience. It was probably one of the best things I have ever done. Being in control and telling people everything you know is something I want to do. It also made it easier to learn new things as well because you know that the people teaching you are your age and have a better understanding of our generation. 
Last Wednesday we finished our last expo. It went for 3 days and we walked all the way to the top of Mt Raymond. It is something I am most proud of because I never thought I could do it. We camped in the middle of a cow paddock and canoed for 7 hours straight and our joints were in pain, but we we’re ecstatic when we reached the top of that mountain. Hopefully I can climb Mt Kosciusko with Mum now. 

Karley - Diamond Valley College  


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