A Star Filled Expedition Print

Last Monday our expo group set out on our second expo.

We left the campus at 9:00am walking along the whale watching trail until we arrived at the beach. We were all feeling very excited for our 3 day adventure. We had walked about 3.5 kilometres along the beach when we walked up a path leading to the main road. From there we walked through paddocks and bushland and finally arrived at a half flooded paddock which was our campsite for two nights. That night we played some games and had a lot of fun.

On Tuesday we set out for a 3km canoe trip. We were all fairly tired from the day before so we got onto the water at around ten o’clock. We paddled upstream for a few hours until we stopped for lunch then returned to camp. That night we went star gazing again at the top of the hill. We saw lots of shooting stars, and even a meteor!

A star filled expedition

Wednesday was our last day. We set a goal to be at the top of mount Raymond for lunch, so we all woke up at 4 o’clock for a 6 o’clock departure. We canoed in the dark for about 50 minutes; it was very peaceful and fun. We then had a 7km walk to the top of the mountain. We worked well as a team and arrived at the top at 11:45am.

We were all very proud of how we went and had the best expo ever!

Nick and Jess from Wangaratta