Tolga and Hannah report on being Student Leaders Print

A couple of days ago we both had CPR and Thinking and Learning. It was funny to see how much a group of people learn together and needed each other to get anywhere for the ‘Zooley’ challenge, and how diverse thinking styles work far more effectively than if it was a group of students who all thought the in the same way.

Hannah - My goal for the day was to sort out my room, unfortunately I didn’t achieve this goal because it was a busy day being student leader, so I could have managed my time better.

Tolga - My goal was to be more organised and get to headcount 5 minutes earlier. I did very well with my goal and I got to all my headcounts 5 mins earlier.

Our community goal was to get all the sporting equipment packed up after people used them. It did not go very well because we didn’t follow through with it at the end of the day.

Being student leader showed us that we had to be responsible and we had to use our time wisely. It also meant that we couldn’t rely on others to do our jobs for us.  

Tolga - Gladstone Park  and Hannah - Princes Hill