So far SSL has been absolutely fantastic. Print

TobiasHello! My name is Tobias. We just started week four, nearly half way through our experience. As for me, I can’t believe how fast these weeks have flown by. I’ve learnt so much and have gained a huge amount of experience from everything we’ve done. So many activities like hiking, surfing, canoeing, first-aid and even bridge building. During my time here I’ve gained important life skills already which have given me more confidence and maturity. Today we did a class all about presentations and public speaking, yesterday we did a class about how we think and how learn best and before that, a session about beliefs and values.

Personal development and teamwork skills have been a big focus, but classes aren’t like normal classes at all. We have engaging guest speakers, games, group activities and dynamic class discussions instead of work sheets and essays. So far SSL has been absolutely fantastic. For all those who are scared of camp food, the food here is really good and the cooks are very friendly! In fact, all the staff are great people.

Tobias - Princes Hill SC