A well deserved swim at Dock Inlet Print

We have been at the snowy river campus for 3 and a half weeks. In this short amount of time we have done so much already. We have been bike riding, canoeing, hiking, swimming, surfing and much more.

2A has a eell deserved swim at Dock Inlet

A few days ago our group 2A got back from Expo 1 it was an awesome experience which I’m sure everyone enjoyed. The first day was quite challenging walking along the beach in the soft sand and with the sun beating down on us without a cloud in sight. Once we reached Dock Inlet we went for a well-deserved swim in the lake. After dinner we went back down to the lake and lay down on the sand for a while and looked at the stars. On the second day we packed up camp early and headed off down the power line track - everyone was in good spirits and looking forward to getting home and having a shower.

Only 3 more days till parent visiting weekend and I’m sure everyone is looking forward to seeing their family. A big thanks to Mr Adams and Miss Moore!

Rowan K. - Wangaratta SC