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Written by Jess P and Jack   

Yesterday, the 30th of March, Parsons and I (Jack Schallmeiner) were student leaders for the day.
Parsons' personal goal was to stay a positive leader all day and be happy, seeing as it was her last time as student leader.
My goal was to be calm yet confident while speaking in front of others and not have to raise my voice to be heard.

Parsons was very successful with her goal. She remained happy and positive throughout the day. She managed to hi-five everyone on campus in under 40 seconds.
I think I did well with my goal. I spoke clearly and calmly and waited for everyone to be quite before I spoke.

Our community goal was to play a volleyball tournament, yet sadly that didn't go to plan. There was a mix-up with the timetable, so it did not end up running. However, we plan to run this sometime in the future.

The night class was the great forestry debate, where there were two teams debating about whether logging is good or bad. Parsons and I were both judges, with the help of our good friend, Bruce the giant hammer: Parsons' best friend.
The debate ran successfully, with cheerleaders, ushers, body gaurds, and a sign girl. In the end, the non-logging side won, but only by a few points.

It was a fun day, with groups going for raft building in pirate-y costumes and another group doing their Presentations of Learning.

As student leaders, we believe we did a good job and we are looking forward to the rest of the Snowy River Campus experience.

Jack Schallmeiner
Jessica Parsons